Sunday Afternoon Thoughts

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Today I was so inspired by my pastor. He spoke of how God should be the center of our lives with other interests supporting God’s mission for us. Our work, politics, entertainment,and social interests should all be spokes of the wheel supporting God’s hub in the center of the wheel. He also spoke of Nazi Germany’s attempt to replace God-centric church doctrine with Nazi doctrine. Many German pastors were killed for their faith during that time. We saw similar movements trying the waters at the Democratic Convention this last week.In the Democrat Platform Committee a movement was spurred to remove any mention of God from the Democrat Platform. It was accompanied by the attempt to diminish our relationship with Israel. Do not forget these attempts. They will come back again.

Let us all remember our priorities. Republicans would never attempt to remove God from our platform nor would we alienate Israel. This is a HUGE difference in the makeup of our party leaders. Pray for our leaders. Keep God’s mission our mission.We will win.

Your humble Chair, Michelle