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You’re invited! 2013 is a center-right conference featuring more than 20 hands-on workshops designed for tech professionals, grassroots activists, candidates, and political pros.

Spend one day learning, listening, engaging, influencing, and building the next wave of political and technological change, and meet like-minded people who share your interests.



Our workshops, presentations, panels, and labs range from beginning to advanced. From introductory topics like how to get the most out of excel, WordPress, social media, etc. to more advanced cutting-edge industry tools like Tableau, and analytics — as well as networking and a deeper dive into the 2012 data wars.


A Drag-Racer’s Guide to Tableau
Ben Jones, Tableau Software

Tableau might be the hottest set of wheels on the interactive data visualization dragstrip. Come see Ben Jones run Tableau’s software through the gears using a data set specially created for this conference. Learn how to bring your data to life. Learn how to see it, work with it, and more importantly – how to make it work for you. It’s time to burn rubber and leave your spreadsheet in the dust!Ben will also be leading a lab session  for more advanced applications.

Ben Jones is the Tableau Public product marketing manager at Tableau Software in Seattle and he is also a data blogger at

Take Your Facebook Strategy Beyond The Like
Katie Harbath, Facebook

Learn how to best utilize all of Facebook’s tools from pages, platform and ads to make sure your message gets to the over 171 million U.S. users on the site. We’ll start with your Facebook page and the best types of content you should be posting. Then we’ll go over how you can use Facebook ads and platform to amplify that message as well as how you should integrate Facebook into the other online and offline activities you’re doing.

Katie Harbath is a Manager for Policy at Facebook, where she focuses on political outreach. Prior to Facebook, Katie was the Chief Digital Strategist at the National Republican Senatorial Committee. She previously led digital strategy in positions at DCI Group, the Rudy Giuliani for President campaign and the Republican National Committee. In 2009, she was named a Rising Star by Campaigns and Elections magazine. Katie holds a BA in journalism and political science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Surf the Next Wave, Not the Last: Shifting Trends & New Developments in Social Media
Nansen Malin, Activist

The influence of social media increases steadily. Whether you care about business, politics, or the arts – social media matters. Get a look on where things are headed.

Nansen Malin is recognized for leading technology and online activism efforts to impact public policy from a grassroots perspective. Nansen is one of the most followed conservatives on Twitter, with almost 600,000 followers.

Excel 201: Solving real problems
Mike Stall, Microsoft

Get beyond columns and rows to the real power in excel. Learn how to use Excel’s auto filters, pivot tables, and calculation features to solve real problems ranging from mortgage amortization to precinct analysis. Building your excel skill set can help your political or issue work… and your career.

Mike Stall is a Principal Software Architect with Microsoft. He is passionate about applying technology to politics and public life.

WordPress for Results
Brandon Rogers, Current Debate

WordPress is a powerful tool that can help you achieve your goals… when you do things right. Learn how to get results, not heartburn, with this tried and true political technology and integrate it with a simple but effective web and social strategy. We’ll start with a WordPress introduction (saving days of frustration) then move on to learn how to make your WordPress site get real results for you. Learn how to integrate it with the right social media strategy, and build communities around ideas, people and causes.

Brandon works as a designer, social media strategist, and public relations ninja. He is responsible for the re-design and re-launch of the site.


  • Tech Professionals: Learn new skills and share your expertise.
  • Activists & Students: Get training in essential software and learn cutting-edge social media strategies and tools.*
  • Non-Profit & Political Pros: What tools do you need? Find them here. If they don’t exist, find someone to build them.
  • Policy makers: See how technology can impact policy decisions.
  • Recruiters: Find talent.
  • Entrepreneurs: Uncover new markets & business opportunities.
  • Everybody: Network, socialize, and have a great time!

*A limited number of student scholarships available*

Join us to learn new skills, meet like-minded people, make new connections, and find business opportunities in both tech and politics

Sign up for the TechActivist conference today and get the training you need to compete and win!

TechActivist does not endorse candidates or political parties.
Conference presenters, their employers, and our sponsors, do not necessarily endorse our views.
We appreciate their support and assistance as we work to connect, educate, and energize.