Thank You Lt Col Mike Pryce

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Today’s Central Committee Meeting provided us information on what happened in 2013 in San Juan County and Washington State. We reviewed our plans for 2014 and enjoyed lunch in good company.Our guest speaker, Lt Col Mike Pryce engaged us in history and forward thoughts of Iraq. It is so easy to let history happen and pass us by as we enjoy our freedoms to work and play as we want. Today’s speech from the Lt Col reminded us that as we have vacationed, shopped at the grocery store or mall and worshiped as we select, our armed forces have lived away from family,endured sand storms(well described today) and risked their lives.Thank you Lt Col for reminding us that our freedom is not free and that we as Americans are the hope of many who we will never meet face to face.

God bless America. God bless our veterans.

Chair Michelle