The Bleak Future of Owning Property Within a National Monument

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 I have made numerous attempts to get people to listen to arguments against the NM. There are so many reasons this is a bad idea.

  The map does say the NM applies only to BLM land however look at other NM’s in America and you will see that we will now be called “inholders”. There will be a slow sucking of county resources until we sell the land bank land and probably other conservation lands to the feds.Private land owners will be encouraged to sell as well since their property will have less value/uses surrounded by limiting restrictions.It didn’t take much digging to come up with examples of this. Did you know there is a NM in California that has been a NM for 12 years and still has no “Management Plan”? Did you read the declaration where the plan is for the fed gov to aquire more land within the NM?

Did you know our local National Parks on SJI have had extreme financial cutbacks so that they can’t hire seasonal rangers this summer? They must depend on volunteers.So how will there be money to devote to the lighthouses and trails now?

  Would you want to bring a business here now? Only tourism businesses will be encouraged now as we have seen from the Visitor’s Bureau and the EDC recently.Goodbye to any independent thriving business that supports the community, schools or public needs through their tax dollars.

  There will probably be a boost in real estate sales as people jump ship. The supporters of NM will use these numbers to further pull the wool over our eyes.It will appear a short term economic boost.

  Our only possible way to maintain our way of life here is to get County Council members that have a back bone, understand property rights and federal land/water issues. At some point we can also have the NM reversed with congressional support so we must remove the people who got us here-Pratt,Ranker,Cantwell, Murray and Larsen.
Worried about our future,Michelle