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2012 State Party Platform and Issues Comparison

Jobs and the economy
Republicans encourage private sector job creation by repealing outdated and cumbersome regulations that hinder job growth. Democrats believe in preserving regulations, and growing government, thereby placing a heavy burden on small businesses.

Protections Against Tax Increases
Republicans support the voter approved requirement of a two-thirds majority vote of the Legislature to raise our taxes. Democrats oppose the voter-approved 2/3rds requirement for tax increases.

Health Care
Republicans oppose a government takeover of health care and support the repeal of Obamacare. We support competition among health care providers and giving patients more choices. Democrats call for a government-run “single-payer national health care plan” with numerous mandates and no choices available to patients.

Crime & Public Safety
Republicans support “Three Strikes, You’re Out” sentences for career criminals, and the right of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms to defend themselves. Democrats would eliminate “Three Strikes, You’re Out” sentences for career criminals, legalize marijuana, and slap further restrictions on private gun ownership.

Energy & Environment
Republicans are committed to American energy independence. We oppose Cap & Trade as a massive job-killing energy tax that will do nothing to help the environment. We also oppose windfall profits tax that harms domestic oil production. Democrats are committed to the implementation of a Cap & Trade energy tax, even in the middle of a recession. Democrats also support the return of the windfall profits tax. This tax would increase our dependence on foreign oil by hurting domestic oil companies.

Family                                                                                                                             Republicans support marriage as the union of one man and one woman, and believe the family is the first and most important institution which preserves a free society. Democrats support the following redefinition of marriage: “Marriage, as a legal union of consenting adults, should not be restricted by sexual orientation or gender identity.”

Immigration                                                                                                             Republicans are committed to securing our national borders and implementing an enforceable guest-worker program, but oppose amnesty for illegal immigrants. Democrats believe illegal immigrants should receive amnesty and free access to tax-funded services such as health care and public education.

Education                                                                                                                 Republicans believe that parental choice through vouchers, tax credits and charter schools will result in “wider choices, higher quality, more innovation and lower costs.” Democrats resist parental choices. They oppose all charter schools and voucher programs. They also oppose requiring military recruiters access to public schools.

National Defense                                                                                        Republicans believe that “a strong America is a free America.” We support policies which defend our national security and ensure peace through strength. Democrats support a cabinet-level “Department of Peace and Nonviolence” and want to “make nonviolence the primary organizing principle of our foreign policy.”

Taxes and Spending                                                                                                 Republicans oppose all new tax increases. We believe that “limited government is the foundation of a free society,” and thus support fiscal responsibility in government. Democrats support a new state income tax, higher Social Security taxes, and more government spending in every category except for national defense.


Elections                                                                                                                  Republicans oppose the automatic restoration of a felon’s ability to vote, and we support the Electoral College as an important protection for every state. Democrats believe felons should vote, even if they have not completed all the conditions of their sentence, and they support the abolition of the Electoral College.