‘The Fourth Corner’-Charlie Crabtree,Whatcom County

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November 15 , 2012

So is this the end of the world… should we just lay down our principles and go home to retirement and let the country go to hell because of the election results?


After a little research; I for one will continue the fight… Barak Obama was elected by a landslide in the Electoral College it is true. By some 300,000 votes nationwide in key states.

But was it a “wave” election? Has America given up on America, was there a sea change in the electorate that may make permanent a future of socialist progressiveness and nothing else?

Let the facts speak for themselves:

Whatcom County:

In a County that Obama won by a landslide

The Republican Party retained 2 important State House seats in the 42nd Leg District. INCLUDING a seat taken from the Democratic Party by Vincent Buys in 2010. The Democrats did not mount a credible challenge in his race and at this writing Buys has a 54-46% lead in a county Obama Won.

John Koster took the 2nd Congressional Race here in Whatcom County by a 57%-43% in a race he was outspent 5 to 1

Washington State:

In a state that Obama won by a landslide

The Republican Party lost just one statewide office: Attorney General.

The Republicans at this writing GAINED 2 seats in the State House and depending on the recount in Vancouver WA. Gained 1 seat in the State Senate.

Tim Eyeman’s initiative again won 65-35% to limit the taxing power of the legislature.

United States of America:

In a nation that Obama won the Electoral College by a landslide

Republicans retained a commanding majority in the House of Representatives 233-195 at this writing.

Republicans gained 1 governorship to bring to 30 the Republicans holding executive positions in the several states.

After the Tea Party and Republican revolt of 2010… Republican State legislatures had gained control of 20 additional State Legislatures (State Houses and State Senates). In this year of Obama at this writing only one was lost.

Yes, many of us were surprised by the outcome because we had good candidates up and down the slate. And Yes we were surprised because most national polls had Romney ahead or even until the last.

You Decide:

But as the facts show there was no leftist, progressive, liberal Revolution/ Tidal Wave per se. Mr Obama’s coattails were as short as the future of his own misguided administration. And pollsters? They need to learn how to poll people in this second decade of the 21st Century.

Charlie produces the ‘Fourth Corner’ monthly. He sits on the WSRP Executive Board representing CD2 until recently and now represents CD1.