The Government is Open but is it Working?

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What a disappointment that our leaders did not curb spending,raised the Debt Limit, funded a disastrous Obamacare and gave Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell(R) his 2.9 billion dollar dam.Don’t forget this. Our country’s economy and healthcare will suffer but Kentucky has a new dam.Dam.

Remember those republicans that did not stand up and bargain well. Ted Cruz and Rand Paul’s brave attempt to take on the establishment should stick in your memory as you are changing your health insurance and doctor preference.Or maybe you’ll think of McConnell’s dam while you are limiting your employees to 29 hours.Dam.

It sickens me that we went through this and ended up in a worse condition than we started. Our nation needs new leaders. Don’t think the Dems are pleased either. They won’t like the Obamacare disaster or bad economy when it crashes. Just think about it and welcome the Dems to talk about how to curb spending, limit government and protect our healthcare post Obamacare.For now sit back and watch the entitlement mentality soak up their victory.Ugh. Maybe at least the bottom of the trough is close.Dam.

Your Chair, Michelle