The Land and Water Conservation Fund Would Disappear …

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The Land and Water Conservation Fund Would Disappear Under the Green New Deal.

” ….. Why would the LWCF be in jeopardy again? It’s funded by royalties from offshore oil and gas leasing deals on the Outer Continental Shelf that energy companies pay to the federal government. Annually, the LWCF Act authorizes this fund $900 million each year. However, only a small amount is appropriated by Congress. For every dollar invested in land acquisition through the LWCF, there is a four dollar return in economic value.

If the U.S. were to shift from reliance on natural gas, coal, gas, LNG, and other traditional energy sources to complete dependence on renewables, you could kiss this fund goodbye. Since 88 percent of the traditional economy would be wiped out by the Green New Deal’s plan to go 100 percent renewable by 2030, LWCF’s primary funding source would disappear too. …..”

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