Vote Now!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Your ballots are in your hands. Fill them out, mail them in or drop them in the elections box closest to you. It is that easy.

Who to vote for? Lists being sent around include Cindy’s Picks. My personal list varies slightly so if you request help please contact Cindy Carter, Michelle Loftus or Levi Rawls.

Why vote in the Primary? Governor Candidate Bill Bryant is an excellent candidate against the embarrassing incumbent Inslee. It will garner voter confidence in the general if he performs well in the Primary. He needs our vote and our financial support. Many of us enjoyed his recent visit to the island. He is the best horse in this race. Friday Harbor loves Bill Bryant!

Locally we have 5 candidates for County Council District 1. The Primary will decide the top 2 to continue to the General Election in November

So vote now!!!!!!!!!!

Contact me if I can help,

Michelle Loftus, 360-378-4738/