WSRP Chairman Blasts Governor Over Budget Remarks

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Kirby Wilbur, Radio Personality BELLEVUE, WA – State Republican Party Chairman Kirby Wilbur blasted Governor Inslee today over remarks he made Tuesday concerning the budget stalemate in Olympia.

“The Governor has suggested that the Senate is more concerned with rich people than ‘our obligation to Washington students’. May I point out that Governor Inslee’s political party has controlled Olympia and the defunding of our education system for over thirty years?

“The Majority Coalition has proposed a budget which does meet those obligations without raising the tax burden on Washington’s struggling middle class families. It is the Governor and the Democrats who refuse to accept that budget and insist not only on raising taxes, but pushing through non-budget related bills which couldn’t pass during the regular session.

“All the Governor has to do is say yes to the Majority Coalition’s budget and our obligations to Washington students would be met and the Legislature could go home.

“I would remind the Governor that he pledged not to raise taxes before being elected. Republicans in the state Senate have given him an opportunity to keep his promise and I suggest he take it.”

Keith Schipper

Communications Director

Washington State Republican Party

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