WSRP Chairman Wilbur Urges State Senate to Reject Gas Tax Increase

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Contact our Representatives today! Ask them to reject the gas tax increase.

Rep. Kristine Lytton(d) (360) 786-7800
Rep. Jeff Morris(d)360-786-7970
Sen.Kevin Ranker(d)(360) 786-7678

 BELLEVUE, WA – WSRP Chairman Kirby Wilbur released the following statement today regarding the passage of a 10.5 cent gas tax increase in the state House:

“We call upon the Majority Coalition Caucus in the Senate to reject the higher gas tax passed by the state House today. Now is NOT the time to be passing tax increases to add to the burdens being carried by Washington’s working families.

“There is no question about the need for additional funds for our transportation system, but there is also no question about the need for deep and significant reforms at DOT. A system which creates cracked pontoons for $100 million, that cannot run our ferry system effectively, that spends more for less on our roads than most other states, is not one which should receive additional revenue. Fix it, then fund it.

“The Democrats in the state House showed no interest in a variety of reform bills introduced by Republicans, and until they do, no interest in higher taxes should be shown by the Senate. We call upon the Majority Coalition Caucus in the Senate to hold the line and say no new taxes for transportation until meaningful reforms are enacted. Fix it, then fund it.

“Should the House Democrats be unable to kick their addiction to more taxes and more of other people’s money, we would ask them to wait until 2014, then place their proposal on the general election ballot in November of that year so that the people can have their say. We dare them.”

Keith Schipper
Communications Director
Washington State Republican Party