WSRP Chairman Wilbur’s Statement on the Washington State Supreme Court’s Ruling to Overturn 2/3 Vote to Raise Taxes

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Bellevue, WA – WSRP Chairman Kirby Wilbur released the following statement this morning in response to the State Supreme Court’s decision on the 2/3s requirement to raise taxes:

“The State Supreme Court has exceeded its role today as interpreter of the state Constitution to engage in partisan politics and side with special interest groups and the State Democrat Party in this decision announced this morning.

“Article One, Section One of our State Constitution states that ‘All political power is inherent in the people.’ This is the very first sentence, the opening statement of principle in that document. The people of this state have approved the 2/3’s requirement five times at the polls, by overwhelming margins. This requirement violates no constitutional principle or right, as the people have approved it, and there is no right for anyone to have unrestricted access to the state’s power to tax.

“The idea of numerical requirements (60% for certain ballot issues, the filibuster, veto overrides, etc.) that act as restrictions on governmental power, as well as the power of the people, is a well-established principle in constitutional law. It is unfortunate that our Supreme Court assumed the role of legislators and supported a special-interest agenda, rather than exercising its proper role as interpreter.

“The Washington State Republican Party will do everything we can to support the State Constitution and the right of the people of our State to have their will enacted in state law.”