August Primary Ballots are here!

Please the page above for the August Primary suggestions!

Did you know we can support Republicans in our district as well as others financially?

Suggestions I have for candidate support:

Northwest GOP Leaders Fund-This PAC has been set up to help Republican candidates in San Juan County, Whatcom County, Skagit County and Snohomish County.
10121 Evergreen Way #25-214, Everett, WA 98204
President Jim Donner

Luanne Vanwerven, Candidate for State Representative 42nd District- Luanne has been a friend to San Juan County as Vice Chair of the WSRP and in her Whatcom County GOP leadership roles. Luanne is running for an open seat in the 42nd District as Jason Overstreet decide to spend more time with his family. Please be neighborly and support Luanne!
Friends of Luanne, PO Box 29964, Bellingham, WA 98228

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Veterans Deserve Better than this President Obama

 Where is the respect our men and women in uniform deserve?

Why do you think socialized medicine will be any better for the rest of us?

vetran issue

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PCO filings are in!

We did a good job rallying the troops for PCO filings last week!All Republican filings will be uncontested. We had more filings than the Democrats!In open precincts appointments will be made to fill positions getting ready for the 2014 and 2016 elections.Let me know if you would like an appointment.

Michelle Loftus, Chair



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File for Office May 12-16!

We need conservatives to get involved. Please consider being your Precinct’s representative as Precinct Committee Officer (PCO).Please call me if you have questions or refer to the county website It is easy to file online!There is no fee to file for PCO. The obligations include support of the county party and disseminating information to your precinct. As PCO you have a vote in the county party committee. Other offices are open in our county and are listed on the county website.Come join us as we help our county with conservative small government and personal freedom ideas.

Michelle    360-378-4738

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Monday Morning Wake Up!

We enjoyed a great Northwest Washington Regional Republican Leadership Conference this past Saturday in Bellingham. We toned our skills and were encouraged by the Republican Red Wave crossing our Country and State.

The upcoming WSRP Annual Auction will be May 17th. Let me know if you have items to donate. Last year our Weekend in San Juan County Basket was most popular.

The letter below was submitted by Tom S. Read it and get busy convincing folks that we must rise up and take our country back!

Copied the following from Ron Ewart’s newsletter:

“Buried deep on the website of the U.S. Census Bureau is a number every American citizen, and especially those entrusted with public office, should know. It is 86,429,000.  That is the number of Americans who in 2012 got up every morning and went to work — in the private sector — and did it week after week after week.”  (This number represents only private sector jobs, not government jobs, which private sector jobs ultimately pay for.)

 However, that paragraph, in of itself, is not the whole picture.  The rest of the story from the article goes like this:

 “All told, including both the welfare recipients and the non-welfare beneficiaries, there were 151,014,000 who “received benefits from one or more programs” in the fourth quarter of 2011.  Subtract the 3,212,000 veterans, who served their country in the most profound way possible, and that leaves 147,802,000 non-veteran benefit takers.  The 147,802,000 non-veteran benefit takers outnumbered the 86,429,000 full-time private sector workers 1.7 to 1.” Continue reading

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