Herb Meyer describes winning the Cold War

There is so much we can learn from history. Herb Meyer gives us an insight to a very dangerous time in our world.Where are the leaders we need today?


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Poor SJC Democrats just learning email?

I had to chuckle this week when I saw the Journal of the San Juans’ article about the dems taking their endorsement vote by email. Wow. San Juan County Republicans voted in email votes 4 years ago. In the 2008 and 2012 elections democrats nationally used technology that far surpassed the Republicans. Those young technology savy folks saw the hip Obama as the answer to so much. So how’s that working for you dems? No matter what technology is used we should pay more attention to the message.

Here is a news flash: Obama’s Presidency will be seen as a huge failure. Twitter that.

Chair Loftus.

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Thanks to all participating in our Central Committee Meeting!

Isn’t visiting with conservatives fun? We had such nice Central Committee meeting this week. A few lively discussions, candidate speeches(partisan and non partisan)were enjoyed.We learned more about Initiative 591 and Initiative 594(see pages above) and perked the interest of potential new officers for our next cycle. Looks like our new chair could be under 30!

Did you know conservatives meet for lunch every Monday 11:45 at China Pearl? Come join us. Republicans, Libertarians, Independents and former fence sitting Democrats are welcome.

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SAVE THE DATE! Monday October 6th 11:30

Come Join Us

San Juan County Republican Party

Central Committee Meeting

Monday October 6th 11:30-2:00

China Pearl Upstairs, Friday Harbor



Welcome, Prayer and Pledge

Order lunch


 Mike Pryce Candidate for County Council District 3

Ron Krebs Candidate for County Sheriff

(Sheriff Nou will be invited to speak another time)

Initiatives 591 and 594 Discussion

Party business

Nominations/Endorsements-partisan offices only

Upcoming party officer elections


Questions? Call Michelle 378-4738


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From the American Thinker:How to Solve the Putin Problem

August 4, 2014

Especially when dealing with Russians, subtlety gets you nowhere; you must tell them, bluntly, what you want to happen.  For example, when someone asked President Reagan to explain the objective of his Cold War strategy he replied: We win, they lose.

As President Reagan might have put it:Well, here we go again….

Last month’s shoot down of Malaysia Air Flight 17 over Ukraine has made clear to just about everyone — certainly to President Obama and even to some of Western Europe’s most feckless leaders — what should have been obvious a long time ago: Russian President Vladimir Putin is a serious threat to world peace. Continue reading

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