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Dear Friends and Neighbors,

There are less than two weeks of the regular legislative session left. Both the House and Senate have passed operating budget proposals. You can watch my video update by clicking on the photo below – not only does it give you a brief overview of the budgets, but it provides a beautiful look around the Capitol campus and I interview a very special guest.Rep. Van Werven records her video on the Capitol steps

The House Democrats’ budget passed on a 51-47 party-line vote, with all Republicans voting no. It was an easy “no” for me and my colleagues in the Republican caucus. The House majority party wants to spend approximately $39 billion, and include $1.5 billion in new taxes and tax increases over the next two years. For the 2017-19 biennium, the total amount of new and increased taxes would go up $2.4 billion more. They want to increase spending by 15 percent over the last biennium. The hardworking taxpayers of our state are sending an additional $3 billion to Olympia. We can and should balance the budget without raising taxes.

The Democrats’ tax plan includes a 5 percent capital gains tax, and a 20 percent increase of the B&O tax on certain service businesses. To view the full list of businesses that would have to pay the increase in B&O tax click Business Tax List. Continue reading

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Maybe their attacks are selective?


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obama 2015 posterObama’s translation of freedom is government control. Hmmmm.

If it looks like a communist, smells like a communist……..a communist.

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Sheriff Forum Saturday April 4th

The League of Women voters and the Friends of the Constitution are hosting a forum for our new Sheriff Ron Krebs. This is a good opportunity to talk about our county’s public safety needs.

Saturday April 4th  1:30 to 4PM
SJI Grange Hall

2015 Sheriff Forum poster copy 2

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Lt. Col. Allen West, a great American

10425864_10153190899490859_4971912157136420130_nIt was a great honor to meet Lt. Col. Allen West this week. He spoke at the Snohomish County Lincoln Day Dinner. His passion for God and Country was very clear. He inspired us all to stand up for liberty and our American Constitution. Economic slavery is what we get when we depend on the government instead of our own abilities. Thank you for your service Lt. Col. Allen West!

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