From the American Thinker:How to Solve the Putin Problem

August 4, 2014

Especially when dealing with Russians, subtlety gets you nowhere; you must tell them, bluntly, what you want to happen.  For example, when someone asked President Reagan to explain the objective of his Cold War strategy he replied: We win, they lose.

As President Reagan might have put it:Well, here we go again….

Last month’s shoot down of Malaysia Air Flight 17 over Ukraine has made clear to just about everyone — certainly to President Obama and even to some of Western Europe’s most feckless leaders — what should have been obvious a long time ago: Russian President Vladimir Putin is a serious threat to world peace. Continue reading

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How can you help San Juan County Republicans? Step up!

What can you do to help?

 The Obama Error is in its decline
so people are looking for conservative answers to save America.

Start at home.
Below are ways we can help our county and state. Please call today.
Michelle 378-4738

1.    Vote in the August Primary. Suggestion page available on top of this page. Ballots are due Aug 5th.

2.    We need volunteers to work the Fair Booth Wed Aug 13 to Sat Aug 16th.

3.    We need constructions skills to set up the booth Tues Aug 12. It needs minor repair. Rene is not available this year. We also need tear down volunteers Sunday Aug 17.

4.    Donate to Northwest GOP Leaders Fund-This PAC is supporting our region.10121 Evergreen Way #25-214,Everett,WA,98204

5.    Donate to Luanne VanWerven Campaign in the 42nd District. We need to keep that seat!

6.    Committee for a Second Amendment Party this fall. We hope to invite speakers about the upcoming November ballot initiatives. Should be a blast.

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August Primary Ballots are here!

Please the page above for the August Primary suggestions!

Did you know we can support Republicans in our district as well as others financially?

Suggestions I have for candidate support:

Northwest GOP Leaders Fund-This PAC has been set up to help Republican candidates in San Juan County, Whatcom County, Skagit County and Snohomish County.
10121 Evergreen Way #25-214, Everett, WA 98204
President Jim Donner

Luanne Vanwerven, Candidate for State Representative 42nd District- Luanne has been a friend to San Juan County as Vice Chair of the WSRP and in her Whatcom County GOP leadership roles. Luanne is running for an open seat in the 42nd District as Jason Overstreet decide to spend more time with his family. Please be neighborly and support Luanne!
Friends of Luanne, PO Box 29964, Bellingham, WA 98228

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Veterans Deserve Better than this President Obama

 Where is the respect our men and women in uniform deserve?

Why do you think socialized medicine will be any better for the rest of us?

vetran issue

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PCO filings are in!

We did a good job rallying the troops for PCO filings last week!All Republican filings will be uncontested. We had more filings than the Democrats!In open precincts appointments will be made to fill positions getting ready for the 2014 and 2016 elections.Let me know if you would like an appointment.

Michelle Loftus, Chair



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