New Executive Board Elected

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January 12, 2019 – The elected PCOs (Precinct Committee Officers) from the 2018 general election met in Friday Harbor, WA. Amid like minded San Juan County Republicans they discussed and then acted to elect new Executive Committee Officers for the next biennium. Every two years, by Washington State statute, county parties must meet and re-establish executive members by vote of elected PCOs. In this Re-Organization meeting, the Elected PCOs elected the following to officer positions in the San Juan County Republican Party: Chair – Lynda Gerpheide – Lopez Island Vice Chair – Rick Boucher – Orcas Island State Committeeman –… Click Here to Read More

Who Will Take the Torch?

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WHO WILL TAKE THE TORCH?   Back in the 90’s I wrote an editorial for the Republican newsletter with the title, “Who Will Take the Torch?”  Although that article is long ago lost, I recall the first sentence was another question:  “When the forty-somethings of today retire, who will take up the torch and continue fighting the good fight to protect our freedoms?” At that time, I was one of those forty-somethings.  The WWII generation was starting to retire from activist politics and while staying involved in less active ways, they had entrusted the Baby Boomers with the day to… Click Here to Read More

Dec 1st: It’s time to Elect New Leadership

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It’s Been a Ride…   Well, the election is over. If you haven’t seen the results yet, results for the COUNTY are available here on the county elections page, for the whole state here on the Sec of State web-page. Winning (or losing) an election in the county doesn’t mean the candidate actually won (or lost), so the Secretary of State is the place to go. Turnout was about 10% higher than 4 years ago at the same time (i.e. in the middle of the last presidential term). Republicans did very well for a midterm party that controls the presidency. But there’s no doubt… Click Here to Read More

The Fall 2018 Election Post

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It’s time to Vote, Election Day is Nov 6th.   If you are registered to vote, you should have received your ballot by 10/25 (Thursday). If you did not receive it please contact the San Juan County Elections Office. Phone: 360-378-3357. Talk to Carlys or Camolyn. Voter’s Guide (PDF) Voter’s Guide (online version) Sample Ballot Looking for rules about political signs? Try MRSC “Regulating Non-Commercial Temporary Signs During Election Season” Contact your PCO or a party leader if you have questions:    Election Observers Needed November 1, November 6, at 9 a.m.  and November 7 at 11 a.m. email me:  … Click Here to Read More

10/17/18: Saturday events, Grievance studies

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From 10/17/18 email…. pardon the formatting — Editor   View this email in your browser Greetings Conservatives! Will you stand up for Republican candidates? Or do you drive by and let them fall by the side of the road? Events: Susan Hutchison debates Maria Cantwell, Lopez Candidate event LOPEZ ISLAND – 3 pm on Saturday, Oct 20 – People are invited to come early to the Islander Bar to watch at least the beginning of it. It is a big Sports Day, but they agreed to dedicate 2-3 TVs in one section. We will be meeting in the North section where minors can attend. … Click Here to Read More