New Party leaders 1/7/2017

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GREETINGS REPUBLICANS!! At our biennial meeting on January 7, 2017, the San Juan County Republican Party held its elections to the new two-year term of its Executive Board of the San Juan County Republican Party. Those who were elected precinct committee officers were eligible to vote. As your new chairman I’d like to take a moment to introduce you to our new team: Chairman: Nathanael Butler, San Juan. I have been involved with the GOP for about four years. I hold a degree in Modern Middle East Studies/Arabic, speak fluent Thai, and have lived in Cairo and Bangkok. Vice Chair:… Click Here to Read More

Grinch Democrat Governor Inslee’s 8 Billion Tax Increase Plan

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We Could Have Elected Republican Bill Bryant for Governor! Clearly Jay Inslee has a lapse in memory or worse when he promised to find other ways to get all of his mistakes corrected without raising taxes during the campaign. Now Inslee has proposed an 8 BILLION DOLLAR TAX INCREASE. Yes 8 Billion Dollar Tax Increase. Where will you cut back personal needs or business expansion to pay for Inslee’s broken promises? Wake up Democrats and smell the coffee or drink your taxed bottle water. We could have had Bill Bryant for Governor. Instead we have the Grinch Merry Christmas and… Click Here to Read More

Magnificent Trump Victory with Republican Senate and House!

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Trump victory sweeps America and the people are heard. Success for the Senate and House will translate into a better American economy, increased jobs and national security. These victories were the result of the silent majority stepping up to vote for our American Dream without the stifling shield of political correctness that has led us down a disturbing rabbit hole. So what about Washington State? Once again Western Washington with King County calls the state. Look at the map of the nation and see how out of touch we are here. Washington State fell to the Democrat machine that elects… Click Here to Read More

Ballot Recommendations

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Washington State Candidates Slate Supreme Court Justice Position #1 – David DeWolf Supreme Court Justice Position #5 – Greg Zempel Supreme Court Justice Position #6 – Dave Larson Governor – Bill Bryant Lieutenant Governor – Marty McClendon Secretary of State – Kim Wyman Auditor – Mark Miloscia Treasurer – Duane Davidson or Michael Waite Public Lands Commissioner – Steve McLaughlin Insurance Commissioner – Richard Schrock National Candidates Slate U.S. Senate – Chris Vance U.S. Congress District 2 – Marc Hennemann President/Vice President – Donald Trump/Mike Pence Washington State Initiative Recommendations Initiative 1433 – No Initiative 1464 – No Initiative 1491 – No… Click Here to Read More

Bill Bryant for Governor’s Positive Momentum

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Bill Bryant’s positive momentum for our governor’s race continues to pick up speed. Check out his new commercial at It is time for a fresh approach to our states needs in education, jobs, traffic, salmon recovery and broken bureaucracies. Mr. Bryant has visited San Juan County many times. He has heard our issues about ferries, the economy and our environmental concerns. Please donate today at

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