Attacks on Jinyoung Lee Englund (6/30 campaign email)

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 (we received this update on 6/30/17 and felt it was worth posting. The candidate’s website is here. — Nathan Butler) As I said yesterday, the attacks against me are coming. They are coming fast and they couldn’t be farther from the truth.The opponent recently sent an email bragging about an endorsement from the hyper-partisan DailyKos news blog, quoting them: “It all comes down to one seat: If Democrats can win … [they] gain control of the entire state government, opening the door for all kinds of progressive legislation.” Wow! I could not have said it more clearly. If the opponent wins, it means… Click Here to Read More

WSRP on the minimum wage in Seattle

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This update from June 26, 2017 was worth reposting on our website. The author is the Washington State Republican Part. –Nathan Butler   Our on-going alerts, DEMS! (Distinctly Embarrassing Moments forSeattle!), highlight the many ways one-party Democrat rule in Seattle has hurt the reputation of the city and our state. Read on! Add a disastrous minimum-wage law to the list of what Seattle Democrats are known for nationwide!  Making network news today, economists at the University of Washington released a study that exposes the truth about Seattle’s landmark $15 an hour minimum-wage increase: it has caused workers to lose money!… Click Here to Read More

Newsletter: upcoming July 15th event, 45th Leg. District, county calendar

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Greetings Conservatives! Next SJC Republican Party Event: SJI, July 15th, 2 pm @ Earthbox conference room in F.H.  Speaker Ed Kilduff: hydrologist and water issues expert   The Hirst decision allows government entities to block the drilling of wells if the well could conceivably impact local streams or rivers. The broadness of this ruling has had a chilling effect on rural development. It is nothing less than an assault on rural living. We look forward to hearing Mr. Kilduff’s remarks on this subject and the issue of water in general. We have covered the Hirst decision in some detail here.… Click Here to Read More

GOP Lawmakers Targeted, New Newsletter, upcoming July event, and more

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Greetings Conservatives   In light of the recent attacks We wish to first express our sincerest condolences to those affected We reiterate that the SJC Republican Party is open for business. Although this is a very liberal county, we reiterate that we are publicly willing to stand behind our membership in the Republican Party Nathan Butler (SJI) — Chairman   (c) 360-298-4489 Lynda Lee Gerpheide (Lopez) — Vice Chair Alex Gavora (SJI) — Treasurer Cindy Carter (Orcas) — State Committeewoman Rick Boucher (Orcas) — State Committeeman Minnie Knych (SJI) — Secretary Welcome to our New Newsletter!  This week we completed… Click Here to Read More

Want to make more for doing less? Ask Planned Parenthood how.

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From Family Research Center online— Want to make more for doing less? Ask Planned Parenthood how. The abortion giant is sitting on piles of cash according to their latest annual report — and not because they earned it! It was a record year for abortions and profits, but not much else. And in the middle of the biggest fight over their funding in a decade, Planned Parenthood’s 35-page document may have just made conservatives’ case for them. Services for women are down across the board — except for one area: abortion. While the “vital medical care” plunged, the group’s primary… Click Here to Read More

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