Chair Hutchison on Charlottesville 8/15

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We received this on August 15th, from WSRP Chair Hutchison. –editor   Is this email not displaying correctly? View it in your browser. Dear Friends, The event in Charlottesville called “Unite the Right” was a White Supremacist and neo-Nazi protest march and had nothing to do with the Republican Party. Republicans will never “unite” with these extremists and their views. I am a co-sponsor of this RNC resolution which denounces these extremist organizations and also explains the historical record of Republicans against racism. Please read it here. It came to light yesterday, that one participant at the march was the President of College… Click Here to Read More

Silly Protestors Bring Attention to the Awesome Republican Fair Booth

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Silly Protestors Bring Attention to the Awesome Republican Fair Booth. What a hoot!The fair provided a great way for us to connect with other conservatives in our county. We also met conservatives from Canada, Virginia and the Midwest US. Our booth provided a Make America Great Theme as we  provided patriotic conversation and take home items.Much attention was given to the cotton candy Trump Hair that we passed out to kids and adults. I estimate over 100 pocket US Constitutions are now in the hands of young and old who came to our booth. As we delivered our message of… Click Here to Read More

County makes it illegal to enforce the law

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Greetings Conservatives!   “Sanctuary County” passes You may have heard that the county passed a sanctuary county measure. The media is saying that nobody spoke against it. That’s not actually true. We sent in several letters, had a con statement for the voter’s guide, and we did have one couple show up and brave the crowd at the Aug 15th meeting. However, with very little time to fight it, many of our most active people gone, and everyone else severely overscheduled I do think all of us in the Republican party fell short, both membership and leadership. As it turned out,… Click Here to Read More

Contrary to what you may think, there are not enough “con” statements! (I tried to work “convict” in there too…)

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Greetings!  If you are directed here from the newsletter, note that SJI received a shortened version of this email.   We still need people for the fair. Click here to sign up. We are very short on Friday and Saturday. We also need some help with setup and takedown. Our other urgent need is the sanctuary county issue. We need people to write letters (contact info here) and show up to the Aug 15th county council meeting where this will be discussed. One conservative who attended the most recent council meeting overheard someone say “Well, no one opposes the sanctuary county measure…”… Click Here to Read More

Primary Grows Up to Big Time, Herb Meyer Opines, Illegal Immigrant Rights Initiative, and more

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Greetings Conservatives!   If last week’s newsletter was short, this week is long. And every single thing is absolutely necessary. I thought for a long time about what I could cut and couldn’t think of anything more.   Primary Report The primary has come and gone. If you have not yet heard the results, you can look them up for our county on the Elections Office website here. For the state you can go to the Secretary of State’s website here. Likely the most significant thing was that State Senate Candidate Englund did advance to the general election. Her opponent had an 8… Click Here to Read More