Newsletter: BLM Advisory committee, SAFE San Juan event, OPALCO, etc.

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Greetings all!   Central Committee Meeting Tomorrow, April 29th 11:45 am Heritage Bank in Friday Harbor 535 Market Street — Next to Marketplace   All conservatives are welcome! We can offer rides from the ferry — let me know if you need one   If you haven’t mailed your OPALCO vote yet, you need to (probably no later than Monday!). You must be a member of the coop to get a ballot. They must receive ballots by the 4th. We did a blurb on OPALCO a couple weeks ago here.   The Lopez Hospital District measure passed. I regard this… Click Here to Read More

Newsletter: Hirst Decision, calendar

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Greetings all! Central Committee Meeting this Saturday  4/29/2017  11:45 am Heritage Bank in Friday Harbor All conservatives are welcome!   Since we are meeting this week, and there are a number of important deadlines early in the week, it is one of the rare weeks where I will email more than once. I will send out another reminder about our central committee meeting at the end of the week. Note: OPALCO ballots must arrive by May 4th. Lopez special election ends today — the 25th. See last week’s email for more details. Sound Publishing has published a Q&A this week… Click Here to Read More

BLM applications

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In response to the Islander article regarding applications for a position on the advisory committee with the BLM, due May 26th: (email from Marcia deChadenedes follows) Attached you will find the announcement, with links through to the nomination forms. This is for a position on the National Monument Advisory Committee, not for a position relating to a San Juan County government, just to be clear. I attached an info sheet with a map so that you can see where the monument properties are located. An individual can nominate themself. The nomination package must be submitted in hard copy, not email. Only two… Click Here to Read More

Michelle Loftus on PHD #1

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We received this note from Michelle Loftus about SJC Public Hospital District #1. (full disclosure: Nathan Butler, Chairman of SJCRP, has accepted a part-time job with PHD #1. He has no role in forming policy, but will generally recuse himself from PHD issues. Although we have been focusing on the PP issue, PHD generally does important work that makes a difference in many people’s lives. He is proud to be a part of it. We have a number of people intersted in the PP issue, Michelle Loftus among others, and we will continue to post and distribute their messages). SJCPHD Meeting Wed 4/26 … Click Here to Read More

4-18-17 Rep John Koster on Hirst decision (water rights)

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This week State Representative John Koster published a particularly interesting (and worrying) update about water rights in this state. Rep Koster has been warning the whole state about this issue since the Hirst decision (see below) or in the Seattle Times here and the WA State Dept of Ecology here. Email from Rep Koster follows:   04-18-17 – Rep. John Koster update: A message to Inslee — You are the governor for the entire state, not just urban King County! Fix Hirst! Rep. John Koster sent this bulletin at 04/18/2017 04:08 PM PDT You are subscribed to Rep. Koster for… Click Here to Read More

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