Judge Sanders needs our Support!

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Friend: We are on a full sprint to the primary. We also started airing radio ads on news stations throughout Washington. Take 30 seconds to listen to the ad below. The message is simple: Richard is the only candidate who will fight to uphold the Constitution and protect individual liberties without compromise. The challenge is spreading this message to every voter across the state. In order to expand these radio ads to all parts of the state, we need your help. We are running out of days before the primary. There are 4 candidates in this race. The top 2… Click Here to Read More

The Trumpeter – August 2012

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  Mamie Forbes ~ Patirot PARTY UNITY—Why should you vote Republican? Here’s how YOU can make a difference. TOP 10 REASONS NOT TO VOTE FOR MITT ROMNEY CHECK I T OUT! FREE WORKSHOP—AUGUST 4 Membership Info Your Representatives the PCOs Read it on the Web!!

General Petraeus for Vice President?

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‘Romney Picks Petraeus for Veep!’                 July 16, 2012 Herbert E. Meyer Actually, no.  Gov. Romney hasn’t named his choice for vice president.  But were you electrified by that headline?  Did it pull you out of your chair, pump up your heart rate and make you believe, for the first time, that Obama’s on the ropes and this election is ours to win?  I thought so; me, too. If the talking heads are right (and on rare occasions they are), Romney is playing this decision close to his chest.  No one seems to… Click Here to Read More

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