10/17/18: Saturday events, Grievance studies

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From 10/17/18 email…. pardon the formatting — Editor


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Greetings Conservatives!
Will you stand up for Republican candidates? Or do you drive by and let them fall by the side of the road?

Events: Susan Hutchison debates Maria Cantwell, Lopez Candidate event

LOPEZ ISLAND – 3 pm on Saturday, Oct 20 – People are invited to come early to the Islander Bar to watch at least the beginning of it. It is a big Sports Day, but they agreed to dedicate 2-3 TVs in one section. We will be meeting in the North section where minors can attend. 

LOPEZ ISLAND – 4 pm on Saturday, Oct 20 – SJC Republican Party is hosting Michael Petrich, candidate for House of Representatives, and Tom SeGuine, candidate for WA State Court of Appeals. Register here.

SAN JUAN ISLAND – 3 PM on Saturday, Oct. 20 – there is a debate between Susan Hutchinson and Maria Cantrell on Channel 7 TV.  All who are interested are invited to attend a group upstairs at the China Pearl.  You can order drinks and late lunch or early dinner or just snacks while we watch.

SAN JUAN ISLAND – 2 PM on Saturday Oct. 27, there will be a memorial service for Steve Cotton at the American Legion in Friday Harbor.  Steve served in the Air Force during the Vietnam era.  Steve is a past chairman of the San Juan County Republican Party and former member of the American Legion color guard.  Please come to the American Legion at 2 PM to pay respects to his wife and family.


“Kathy and I attended the event [LWV event last week], and Michael Petrish did a fine job.  He’s definitely got our vote, and we’ve already supported his candidacy to our friends and neighbors.  He provided an excellent explanation of why the Republican Party is now the home of hard working, union skilled tradesmen like him.  It was a pleasure to hear him speak and we hope he wins.” — Captain Daniel Schwartz and Kathy Schwartz 

“Let me introduce myself. I left the Left about three years ago. We also moved from Olympia to San Juan Island around that time. People here are so far left! I have no one that I can have a good conversation with. I joined the Republican party soon after voting for President Trump. (something very few people know about me) I have never been very political in the past. I realized that we are at a critical turning point in history. We came so close to losing our country! I  have never loved a president the way I love president Trump. His courage astounds me…” -Dorie

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Signs at Painted Rock intersection on SJI
More signs..
Voter’s Guides went out this week. You can also find them online: https://www.sanjuanco.com/1252/Voters-Guide
Public Service Announcement —

Chicken Pox is spreading in this county, with cases on at least two islands and possibly more. Pregnant mothers should be especially cautious. Contact your doctor if you have concerns.

‘Grievance studies’ have taken over academic inquiry into race, gender, and sexuality.

“Do you think putting white and male students on the floor in chains as a form of “experiential reparations” is a good educational opportunity? How about inviting them to listen and learn in silence throughout their course? We don’t.

Within the academic fields utilizing what we’ve called “grievance studies,” however, these ideas are perfectly acceptable. We discovered this by submitting a paper on feminist educational theory to arguably the most respected feminist philosophy journal in the world, Hypatia.

We did this as a part of a year-long probe to find out how much certain political biases have taken root within a small but powerful sector of academia. Over the course of that year, we submitted 20 papers to journals that study topics of identity like gender, race, and sexuality, which we feared has been corrupted by a form of political activism that puts political grievances ahead of finding truth…”

–From USA Today, “From dog rape to white men in chains: We fooled the biased academic left with fake studies

EDITOR’S NOTE: You can read their full report in Areo magazine here. It has some content that may be explicit and/or disturbing.