10/17/18: Saturday events, Grievance studies

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From 10/17/18 email…. pardon the formatting — Editor


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Greetings Conservatives!
Will you stand up for Republican candidates? Or do you drive by and let them fall by the side of the road?

Events: Susan Hutchison debates Maria Cantwell, Lopez Candidate event

LOPEZ ISLAND – 3 pm on Saturday, Oct 20 – People are invited to come early to the Islander Bar to watch at least the beginning of it. It is a big Sports Day, but they agreed to dedicate 2-3 TVs in one section. We will be meeting in the North section where minors can attend. 

LOPEZ ISLAND – 4 pm on Saturday, Oct 20 – SJC Republican Party is hosting Michael Petrich, candidate for House of Representatives, and Tom SeGuine, candidate for WA State Court of Appeals. Register here.

SAN JUAN ISLAND – 3 PM on Saturday, Oct. 20 – there is a debate between Susan Hutchinson and Maria Cantrell on Channel 7 TV.  All who are interested are invited to attend a group upstairs at the China Pearl.  You can order drinks and late lunch or early dinner or just snacks while we watch.

SAN JUAN ISLAND – 2 PM on Saturday Oct. 27, there will be a memorial service for Steve Cotton at the American Legion in Friday Harbor.  Steve served in the Air Force during the Vietnam era.  Steve is a past chairman of the San Juan County Republican Party and former member of the American Legion color guard.  Please come to the American Legion at 2 PM to pay respects to his wife and family.


“Kathy and I attended the event [LWV event last week], and Michael Petrish did a fine job.  He’s definitely got our vote, and we’ve already supported his candidacy to our friends and neighbors.  He provided an excellent explanation of why the Republican Party is now the home of hard working, union skilled tradesmen like him.  It was a pleasure to hear him speak and we hope he wins.” — Captain Daniel Schwartz and Kathy Schwartz 

“Let me introduce myself. I left the Left about three years ago. We also moved from Olympia to San Juan Island around that time. People here are so far left! I have no one that I can have a good conversation with. I joined the Republican party soon after voting for President Trump. (something very few people know about me) I have never been very political in the past. I realized that we are at a critical turning point in history. We came so close to losing our country! I  have never loved a president the way I love president Trump. His courage astounds me…” -Dorie

Editor’s note: Do you have something to say? Email me, sjcrpchair@gmail.com!  I don’t have to agree with you to post it, it just has to be of interest to conservatives.

Signs at Painted Rock intersection on SJI
More signs..
Voter’s Guides went out this week. You can also find them online: https://www.sanjuanco.com/1252/Voters-Guide
Public Service Announcement —

Chicken Pox is spreading in this county, with cases on at least two islands and possibly more. Pregnant mothers should be especially cautious. Contact your doctor if you have concerns.

‘Grievance studies’ have taken over academic inquiry into race, gender, and sexuality.

“Do you think putting white and male students on the floor in chains as a form of “experiential reparations” is a good educational opportunity? How about inviting them to listen and learn in silence throughout their course? We don’t.

Within the academic fields utilizing what we’ve called “grievance studies,” however, these ideas are perfectly acceptable. We discovered this by submitting a paper on feminist educational theory to arguably the most respected feminist philosophy journal in the world, Hypatia.

We did this as a part of a year-long probe to find out how much certain political biases have taken root within a small but powerful sector of academia. Over the course of that year, we submitted 20 papers to journals that study topics of identity like gender, race, and sexuality, which we feared has been corrupted by a form of political activism that puts political grievances ahead of finding truth…”

–From USA Today, “From dog rape to white men in chains: We fooled the biased academic left with fake studies

EDITOR’S NOTE: You can read their full report in Areo magazine here. It has some content that may be explicit and/or disturbing. 

10/11/18: Petrish tonight — Friday Harbor

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From an email newsletter 10/11… pardon the formatting — Editor 

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Greetings Conservatives!

Michael Petrish, tonight

It’s short notice, but we just found out that Michael Petrish will be attending the League of Women’s Voters tonight in Friday Harbor.

The event is at 5:15 pm – 7:15 p.m. @ San Juan Island Grange 152 1st Street, Friday Harbor

He could really use some conservatives there to support him. Please consider asking a question! Usually these events are packed with Democrats.

Details – League of Women’s Voters Event 

WHERE: SJI Grange, 152 1st Street, Friday Harbor
TIME: 5:15 – 7:15 pm
WHO: All are welcome
COST: None

Many candidates will be there besides Michael Petrish and his opponent Debra Lekanoff, including Sheriff , Prosecuting Attorney, and District Court candidates.

This event has not been well advertised — there are no notices in the paper or on the website of the League of Women’s Voters (that I could find). But we do have confirmation through email from organizer Shireene Hale to Michael Petrish that it is happening.

Michael Petrish, candidate for state representative

10/3/18: Confused about Initiatives?

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Greetings Lopez Conservatives!



Welcome New Subscribers.

This week we completed a major update to our Lopez email list. If this is your first time getting the newsletter from San Juan County Republican Party, welcome! Thank you Lynda Lee Gerpheide for your vital assistance in this. She has almost single handedly built up the party on Lopez.

If for some reason you do NOT want this email there is an “unsubscribe” button at the bottom of this email. Alternately, you may email me at sjcrpchair@gmail.com.

This email list is maintained by local Republicans like you and is not shared with other organizations or the state/national Republican party.



SJC Republican Party is hosting on Lopez Island the following candidates:


Michael Petrich, candidate for House of Representatives

Tom SeGuine, candidate for WA State Court of Appeals

and hopefully — Susan Hutchinson, candidate for US Senate (if we can get enough people to sign up).

Time: 4:00pm – 6:00pm PDT



Happy Hour, Candidate Meet and Greet, Lopez Islander Resort. Complimentary Hors d’oeuvres and No-host Bar.  Kids Welcome!


Tom Seguine, Court of Appeals
(Yes, it’s boring, but it’s a BIG deal) 
Susan Hutchinson, US Senate
(She’s the real deal!) 
Michael Petrish, State House
(Easily the most intense candidate I have ever met… and a Republican convert like Ronald Reagan)

Confused about the Initiatives?


If you are new to this newsletter one thing you will learn is that we do not do punchlines, soundbites, or speak down to you — the reader. We assume that you are intelligent and want real, substantive material.

The county Republican part, SJCRP, has voted on and endorsed the following positions on Initiatives: Written by Cindy Carter (SJCRP State Committeewoman, Orcas) and voted on by the central committee:

I 940:  Police Training and Criminal Liability –  The legislature passed this initiative and immediately passed amendments to make it reasonable for law enforcement officers.  Once amending it, our WA Constitution states that it must be put on the ballot.

This bill is a bad bill for police.  if you want police to actually respond to help people, vote no.  This is why it had to be amended immediately.  Let the Legislature work on making our police force better equipped, with input from the police force on what really works.

I 1631:  Carbon Emissions Fee –  This Initiative creates 4 new boards of governmental bureaucracy to deal with the $2,295,785,000 fee (tax) that will be raised the first five years.  Some of the programs it will support are decided in a very prejudicial, biased manner to help non-English speaking communities and tribal communities, to relocate them for sea rise.

The largest polluters that are targeted in this measure include refineries, power plants, and logging trucks.   Do we want to drive all industry out of the state of Washington?  We actually need more logging trucks to decrease the amount of fuel burning every summer to decrease the largest carbon polluter in our state the past few years….forest fires.   Vote no on this lousy idea.

I 1634:  Prohibit Local Taxes on Groceries measure – This measure made it to the ballot mostly because of the excessively high taxes in King County on various beverages.  The state does not levy taxes on food items, to make it easier for lower income people to be able to afford food.  Local government does not have the same restrictions.  This is probably a good idea to keep local government from getting those ideas.  Vote yes on I 1634

I 1639 Changes to Gun Ownership and Purchase Requirements – This initiative would raise the minimum wage for purchasing a rifle, which this initiative renames any semi-automatic, including .22’s as   “semiautomatic assault” rifles, from 18 to 21 years old.  This is a slap in the face of the young men we have enroll in the draft system to protect our nation, but do not allow to purchase self-protection or hunting or sports rifles.

Renaming them as “assault” weapons is as ridiculous as calling rocks “assault” weapons.  Any item can be used to assault people.  Putting the label on an item does not change the item.  This is a dangerous precedence, perhaps it even gives the impression that that is what is supposed to be done with these items.

Another dangerous item in this initiative is the fact that if someone not allowed to have a gun, if the gun was not locked up, the owner can be charged with a class c felony charge.  This is a serious charge, which will strip away a person’s right to vote, all of the person’s citizenship rights, and are punishable by up to 5 years in prison and up to $10,000 in fines.

This will result in women not being able to defend themselves against home intruders, since their guns will be securely locked up.  For the sake of all women’s self protection, our 18-21 year old’s Constitutional rights, and for the sake of reasonable English, vote NO on I-1639.


Proposition 1:  Affordable Housing Real Estate Excise Tax – The local SJC initiative for “Affordable Housing” by making housing less affordable by tacking on a .5% excise tax on all real estate transactions.  This tax is projected to raise about $1.5 million / year to purchase land, thus driving up the costs of available land making housing even less affordable, as has the Land Bank real estate tax (1% Real Estate Excise Tax), which takes in around $3 million per year (using 2017 real estate transactions) to purchase land in SJC, for “preservation” and thus taking it off of the affordable land market.

This new program will produce one more layer of government bureaucracy, which is not cheap.  It is currently projected to cost up to 10% of the raised money (would have been about $150,000 in 2017, to review some paper work, since the people signing up to do the affordable housing have to pay to do all of the “studies” that this program will mandate.)

The land would either remain owned by the non-profit or landlord, or the unit would have a restriction placed upon it that would keep it in the “affordable” range, ensuring that the occupants could never escape from the lower income brackets to obtain housing in the regular free market….maintaining their lower residential status, with no hope of escape.  That is truly not the American way.  Vote No on Prop. 1

Newsletter June 2, 2018

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Greetings Conservatives!

Kirby Wilbur in Friday Harbor!

YOU ARE INVITED TO A REPUBLICAN SPRING RALLY! Come join KVI talk show host and former WA State GOP Chairman Kirby Wilbur in Friday Harbor, June 16th!

Enjoy the company of fellow conservatives for an evening of fun and entertainment. This inexpensive event ($10) is designed to accomodate families, but Kirby is a genuine star, someone who could headline any major fundraiser. We are lucky to have him and so grateful he is coming.



DATE: June 16, 2018
LOCATION: At Earthbox Inn, Friday Harbor
COST: $10 per person

Enjoy a casual buffet dinner and the company of party leadership, Kirby Wilbur, GOP candidate for state house Michael Petrish

Pulled pork or chicken, potato salad, cole slaw and baked beans Includes Wine ~ Beer  ~ Lemonade ~ Coffee ~ Hot Tea ~ Ice Water

Get to know fellow conservatives better!

Signup here and then you may pay here by credit card or mail a check to PO Box 2735, Friday Harbor, WA 98250.

Questions to Minnie Knych: sjlincoln.dinner@gmail.com

PDC Statement: Funds raised from this event will be used to support local candidates or issues.

Pictured: Kirby Wilbur, KVI radio talk show host and former Washington State Republican Party chair

State News Digest

Congrats to Susan Hutchison, our former Washington State Republican Party chair until the end of 2017, who is challenging Sen. Maria Cantwell (Seattle Times).

  • See KING 5, “Former state GOP chair challenges Cantwell in Senate run”
  • And also see Washington Wire, “Susan Hutchison served as Chair of the Washington State Republican Party from 2013 until the beginning of this year. Before announcing her resignation, she joined us to discuss the goal of flipping Washington to Republican control”
  • I’m a huge fan, and have no doubt that she truly has a chance. Once I find a way to send her money I will pass it along

Michael Petrish is running for Litton’s open seat in the state house. “Michael Petrish announces candidacy for the 40th LD House Rep Seat.” (Skagit GOP) See his campaign here.

Washington House Budget Chair Pleads Guilty To Reckless Driving After DUI Arrest” (nw news network) Washington state Rep. Timm Ormsby, D-Spokane is lucky that he’s a Democrat. This would be big news for a Republican.

Do you agree with these Seattle Times Editorials?

Washington’s 8th District race: “The primary race among Democrats vying for a shot at retiring Congressman Dave Reichert’s 8th Congressional District seat is getting personal — with a feud over a leading candidate’s medical practice. During an otherwise cordial forum on trade issues last week at Bellevue College, attorney Jason Rittereiser turned to rival Democrat, pediatrician Kim Schrier, and accused her of hypocrisy.” (Seattle Times)

Will Governor Inslee run for President? “Fueling 2020 speculation, Jay Inslee to headline Democratic Party event next month in Iowa” *sigh* (enough said)

Seattle Times: “Since voters approved charter schools in 2012, a coalition led by the statewide teachers union has fought to outlaw them… the court should end the siege and let charters flourish, The Seattle Times editorial board writes.”

Costco is giving raises to employees after the Trump tax cuts. Seattle Times reports: “Costco boosting hourly wages for 130,000 U.S. employees”

A bipartisan group is seeking to repeal Seattle’s Head Tax. It reportedly has over 50% support for repeal.

Another editorial in The News Tribune “Voter rights outrank Washington’s new police deadly-force law” may also be of interest. Quote: “Eyman’s Right…”

ESPN: “NFL owners have unanimously approved a new national anthem policy that requires players to stand if they are on the field during the performance but gives them the option to remain in the locker room if they prefer, it was announced Wednesday.” Our country is awfully short on things to unite us, the NFL’s decision should be applauded.

Seattle Times: “We look at what’s gone wrong, and how SDOT is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on outside help to try to get its projects on track. And speaking of things that are crashing down around us, toppling the viaduct is not going to happen on the cheap.

Canada to buy major pipeline to ensure it gets built” (Seattle Times)

“Trump eager to sign bill rolling back Dodd-Frank regulations” (ABC News)

ACLU asks Amazon to stop selling facial-recognition tools to governments

A conservative sent me this link, “The Reinvention of America: Americans don’t realize how fast the country is moving toward becoming a better version of itself” (The Atlantic)

WASHINGTON WIRE REPORTS: “For the U.S. House races, The Economist recently launched their predictive model examining the likelihood of a shift in the House majority. According to their model, in Washington House races, all congressional districts with Democratic representatives are considered “safe.”

For congressional districts with Republican representatives, the 4th (Newhouse) is considered 100 percent safe, the 3rd (Herrera Beutler) is considered “solid” at 93 percent, and the 5th (McMorris Rodgers) is considered “likely” to stay Republican at 89 percent.In the 8th CD, the seat currently held by Reichert is listed as “leaning” left with a 73 percent chance of a Democratic gain.” [end]



Coming to SJC: Liv Finne, Glenn Morgan, Tim Eyman, Kirby Wilbur, and more

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Email from 5/5/2018 to the SJCRP newsletter list.


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Greetings Conservatives!


Thank you to all those who showed up to our Central Committee meeting on April 28th. We got a lot done!

(the following two events on May 10th and May 15th are NOT sponsored by SJC Republican Party, but many of us will be there…)

MAY 10 

Liv Finne of Washington Policy Institute will provide an update on the “State of Education in the State of Washington”

She will describe policies that improve student learning by expanding school choice, including Running Start, public charter schools, online schools, and vouchers or tax credits to attend private school.

This should be very informative, and far from boilerplate political fare.

Location:  American Legion basement
Time:  5:30 PM – 7:00 PM
Light Refreshments Served.  Free.

Qs to Minnie Knych, knych@rockisland.com

MAY 15


Do I really need to introduce these guys? Hard to imagine a bigger conservative celebrity coming to our islands than either person. Thanks to Ed Kilduff for passing along (again, sadly not our event, but we’re glad to be invited).

Topic: “Full Contact Activism”
Location: The Golf Course on SJI
Time6 to 8 pm

Qs to Ed Kilduff, ed.kilduff@me.com



Now for an Event that we are Sponsoring…

Kirby Wilbur
Date/Time: June 16th, 6:00 pm
Location: Earthbox in Friday Harbor

Kirby Wilbur is coming! Remember how I said it’s hard to imagine a bigger conservative celebrity coming o our islands than Morgan or Eyman? Well, I’m already eating my words. We are very lucky to be having KVI radio host Mr. Kirby Wilbur here on June 16th. We originally announced a different date, but Mr. Wilbur had to reschedule.

This event will cost $10, signups to begin in the next week or two.


Nathan Butler
Chair, San Juan County Republican Party
Email: sjcrpchair@gmail.com“No matter how conservative your views may be, unless you do something about it you really aren’t that conservative.”