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Newsletter from 11/16/17


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Greetings Conservatives!

SJCRP Central Committee Meeting
Dec 2, 2017
12 pm
Friday Harbor Heritage Bank
details here


VETERAN’S DAY (11/11)A special thanks to those who serve or who have family that serve in the Armed Services. The percentage of our population that does so is ever shrinking.

Fox news analyst wrote, “Army officer: In a divided country, will it soon become dangerous to wear my uniform in public?” To quote:

“To be clear, I’m not calling for Americans to blindly worship the military. As Army veteran David French aptly pointed out in a recent piece in the National Review: “Not everyone in the military is a hero. The mere act of donning a uniform does not make you any better than any other American.”

And I agree with French’s assertion that “loving the troops and supporting the military means holding both accountable.” But military accountability is an entirely different issue from the growing anti-American sentiment percolating through our culture.”

Yes, indeed. On that matter, someone else sent me this video, “We Swore We Would Never Forget 9/11. But We Did. — Reality Check” (MRC TV)

Note also the Island Guardian on Veteran’s Day

Although politics seems the very opposite of military service in many negative ways, it is the decisions that politicians make that determine whether the sacrifices made by our armed services are made on a forgotten battlefield or as part of a remembered victory. I can think of no better reason to do our part in our democracy than that.

Pictured: Candidate Englund

No beating around the bush, this was a difficult election. But it was not a hopeless one. If you still haven’t seen the results:

If you need some humor to cheer you up, SNL took pot shots at Democrats (for once).

We had a large group of observers this year spread across SJI, Orcas, and especially Lopez. Thank you each for your efforts!!



“Friday Harbor forum on how to treat Muslims as neighbors,” Nov 19th (Journal)

“County topics addressed at San Juan Islands Visitors Bureau membership meeting” (Journal)

“Inslee names Loring as San Juan County Superior Court Judge” (Journal)

“OPALCO Seeks Board Member for Lopez.” (Islands Weekly) This is a great way to serve your community, and as it is “non-partisan” it can be a great way for a conservative to contribute.

“San Juan County staff to assess how much land is undeveloped | Comprehensive Plan” (Islands Weekly)

“Environmental Groups Speak Out Against Anacortes Refinery Petrochemical Expansion Proposal in Salish Sea” (Islands Weekly)

“Leadership San Juan Islands (LSJI) continues recruiting for Class XIV, with applications due by Monday, Nov. 27 at 5 p.m.” (Sounder)

State Sen Kevin Ranker’s new editorial, “Building the blue wall” (I think this is drawn from a speech, although the text doesn’t say that)
“Washington State Ferries honor veterans” (Journal)

“Assessed Value And Levy Rates Sent Out” (Island Guardian)

I have updated our calendar on the website, including the WS Rep Party calendar.