Are you ready to exercise your citizenship?

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Olympia 301
Be among the first to graduate from
FPIW’s inaugural Citizen Lobby Bootcamp!

This one-day intensive training will equip ordinary citizens to make a difference in extraordinary ways during the 2014 Legislative Session. 
What will you gain?
Your citizen toolbox for mastering the legislative process and building meaningful relationships with your State Lawmakers and their staffs:
  • How to utilize your Capitol resources.
  • An in-depth “Understanding [of] the Legislative Process” and “How to Navigate and Use the Legislative Website“, presented by the Legislative Information Center.
  • How to think like a legislator, from the perspective of State Legislative members.
  • How to connect with all legislators, including those who do not share your views.
  • Understanding the role and value of a legislative assistant, as shared by those who presently serve as Legislative Assistants.
  • How to read and track bills, both on paper and through online sources.
  • The mechanics of testifying at a hearing.
  • Know where and how things happen on the capitol campus.
Are YOU that ordinary citizen that wants to make a difference in extraordinary ways?
Limited space. Spots will be filled on a
first come, first serve basis.
Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Legislative Building Columbia Room
Washington State Capitol, Olympia
Lunch is no-host.

 Questions? Contact for more information.

     The Family Policy Institute of Washington is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to promoting public policy that recognizes the significance and sanctity of the family in Washington State.