Jones Family Farm – The continuing battle with regulations

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A Lopez family is fighting for their farm and discussing it with the Washington senators:  Very interesting! A Repub

— On Tue, 1/17/12, Jones Family Farms wrote:

From: Jones Family Farms
Subject: Re: Our conversation this evening…
To: “BarrettPryce”
Date: Tuesday, January 17, 2012, 10:32 AM

Dear Barrette,
Thanks for your time the other night.  I got distracted with other things (running our business and raising our family) and am only now able to sit down and put ideas to paper.
The above qualifier is exactly the point.  We and everyone we know in the productive economy are so busy with our own affairs, that imposing ever more requirements on us very rapidly reaches a breaking point for our family, business and personal health.  The last thing we want to do is pend time battling the government for the right to go about our daily lives.
We raise and market natural meats, grow shellfish, and purchase and distribute wild seafood products to about four dozen stores and restaurants in San Juan County and Seattle.

2012 Resolve to Get Involved

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If you don’t get involved now, then when?
If not you, then who will do the job?

Are you tired of other people getting to make decisions that affect
your life? Now is your chance! The County Council is
searching for San Juan County citizens to fill current and upcoming
vacancies on various boards and commissions. The following
is a list of current vacancies:

  • Agricultural Resources Committee – (2) Positions
  • Eastsound Design Review Committee – (1) Position (Architect)
  • Fair Board – (1) Lopez District, (1) Friday Harbor
  • Ferry Advisory Committee – (1) Lopez Island
  • Board of Health – (1) At Large Position
  • Housing Bank Commission – (1) San Juan Island Position
  • Human Services Advisory Board – (5) Positions, all Islands
  • Lodging Tax Advisory Committee – (2) Contributors (3) Receivers
    (thru December)
  • Northwest Agriculture Business Center – (1) Lopez Seat
  • Noxious Weed Board -” (1) Lopez/Shaw
  • Open Space Advisory Committee – (2) Positions
  • SJC Park Board -” (1) San Juan Island, (1) Lopez Island
  • Solid Waste Advisory Committee – (5) Positions
  • Veterans’ Advisory Board – (2) Positions (Lopez)
  • Water Resources Management Committee – (2) Positions

If you are interested in volunteering or would like information,
please contact the county website: http// call the
County Council office and ask for Maureen See at 378-2898 or