Congressman Doc Hastings(R) Votes to Fully Defund Obamacare and Keep the Federal Government Open

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From Doc Hastings newsletter:

The U.S. House of Representatives voted 230-189 on Friday to fully defund Obamacare, while funding the government through December 15, 2013. “Today, the House sent a clear signal to the American people: we will do everything we can to defund President Obama’s failed health care mandate and to keep the government running,” said Congressman Doc Hastings. “We must fund the federal government at responsible levels, continue to pay our dedicated servicemen and women, and ensure our seniors continue to receive their Social Security checks. Now the Senate must act to keep the government open and defund this unworkable health care law, which is costing American jobs and creating economic uncertainty

I also subscribe to our Congressional District 2 Congressman Larsen(D)’s newsletter but no mention of this vote was found there. I recommend subscribing to both to keep informed.