Conservatives Concerned about diversion of hospital funds (updated 3/1/2017)

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We have recieved an update from Michelle Loftus about the Public Hospital issue. We understand that not all of you will agree with this, and that is fine. Our party includes a wide range of conservatives. However, many of you have expressed concern, and we feel it important to accomidate that:

What follows is from Michelle Loftus on 1 March 2017:

Please send emails or call people in a position to influence this issue — Topic Suggestions:

Transparency Needed-At the SJCPHD meeting Commissioner Edwards made a motion to allow easier public input at SHCPHD meetings. The motion was amended and then tabled by Commissioners Harrington, Sharp and Williams. So your public input at the meetings remains at the end after any voting. Demand Transparency!

SJCPHD Money is for all District Citizens-Our levy money should go to priority needs in our community. In the Community Health Needs Assessment there were no deficit noted for women’s reproductive health needs. There is no need for PP expansion. There were needs noted for health promotion including immunizations, mental health services and medical health coordination. Search PH CHNA SJI. Note the research was conducted with various local organizations including PP. Hospice, paramedicine committee, senior health programs, nutritional support programs, domestic violence victim support and mental health support are a partial listing of community needs that need financial help before PP. Demand Fiduciary Responsibility!

Follow the money- Past SJC Democrat Chair Dave Delendorph’s daughter is an abortion surgeon in California. Under Dave’s leadership SJC Democrats work to elect 3 SJCPHD Commissioners with PP endorsements and SJC Democrat party endorsements( a nonpartisan race). SJCPHD carves out money from a fund intended to help local with their hospital bills to give $50,000 to reward PP without any clear need for local expansion. Demand SJCPHD meet local needs before paying political allies!

Please help,
Michelle 378-4738
Letters to Editors:

Cali Bagby

Tim Dustrude

Sharon Kivisto

Jack Cory

SJCPHD Commissioners:

Phone: (360) 378-2857 

Monica Harrington

Michael Edwards

Mark Schwinge

Barbara Sharp

Bill Williams