Homeland Security Meeting

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Yesterday’s meeting was informative in many ways. Concerns of our community were addressed professionally and adequately if you were listening. I am a bit embarrassed that some of our community seemed to come with such hostile attitudes. Yes we have our First Amendment right to speak freely. I just wish we would all come to table with an attitude of working things out, not interrupting and speaking out of turn.Many rumors prior to the meeting sure didn’t help the opposition. I feel that if I truly believed we would have drones at our airport I would have been upset too. But I did not believe the drone rumor, nor the heavily armed soldier rumor,nor the camera spot light rumor.It was obvious many did.Maybe those that believed those rumors should check their sources.Our town and county leaders are there for you and your questions. Be responsible and please ask them before you spread a rumor.It is obvious that some folks get rather stressed over them.

Below is a response to a question posed to me about the larger picture of Homeland Security:

  I as SJCRP Chair do share your concerns. These are my thoughts as our central committee does not have a policy statement on HS.

  I worry that the additional needs of a federal police force have control consequences I don’t like. I do hope we will be kept safer in this new world of terrorism and technology crime but the added forces come with a big federal price tag and issues of control I don’t like.

  So why do I support the local office for HS? It was going to come whether we liked it or not. It provides a stable 10 year lease to a property owner allowing other businesses in the building to have a more stable lease. Think about how small business in malls are designed around the big Targets, Macy’s etc. The questions asked about outside appearances were addressed at yesterday’s meeting and I believe most were satisfied with the answers. The location works well for the services they will provide to our local and tourist community.

  The location that the Port mentioned yesterday would have required much excavation, building, etc and would not have provided our local businessman revenue from a lease. GSA indicated there were other reasons that proposal did not work.Otherwise I might have preferred the Port’s suggestion.One has to have sympathy for those submitting proposals as the time and paperwork is beyond exhausting and expensive.

  Please let me know if I can discuss any other matters as I want our community to thrive by working together through issues and problems.

  I am glad to meet for coffee or just email.


Michelle Loftus