Monday Nov 25th Meeting to support our private business owners!

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See you today at the Mullis St Fire Station 11-1

HI friends,
As most of you know Customs has signed a Lease with us to rent the former Windermere space for an office. They will move 2 blocks up from their current location at the Port 660 SF. They need more space for the 15 people who work for Customs in Friday Harbor. They check in boats at the port, cruise ships from Canada at the Spring Street Terminal, and the Sydney ferry. That’s why the location works for them. The space was built out as an office. It will remain an office. The building will not change in appearance or use.

Please check out this link below.

If you read this article you can see that some people do not think we have any right to rent our building to whomever we choose for a legal use under existing zoning rules. They seem to believe that the community gets to choose who we rent to and who we can’t rent to. This is socialism pure and simple. This example of a small group of people trying to control private property and impose their collective view on others could not be more clear.

I seldom ask anyone for help. This time I am asking for your help. If you could attend this meeting tomorrow at the Mullis Fire station and support us I would appreciate it very much. If you can’t attend would you be so kind as to forward this message to your friends that may wish to attend?  The meeting is at 11am-1pm.

Thank you,