New Executive Board Elected

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January 12, 2019 – The elected PCOs (Precinct Committee Officers) from the 2018 general election met in Friday Harbor, WA. Amid like minded San Juan County Republicans they discussed and then acted to elect new Executive Committee Officers for the next biennium. Every two years, by Washington State statute, county parties must meet and re-establish executive members by vote of elected PCOs.

In this Re-Organization meeting, the Elected PCOs elected the following to officer positions in the San Juan County Republican Party:

Chair – Lynda Gerpheide – Lopez Island
Vice Chair – Rick Boucher – Orcas Island
State Committeeman – Jim McBain – Lopez Island
State Committeewoman – Cindy Carter – Orcas Island
Treasurer – Kelley Unger – San Juan Island

In her first action as Chair, Lynda Gerpheide appointed the following positions:

Secretary: Judy McBain
Webmaster: Rick Boucher
Newsletter: Cindy Carter
Chaplain: Carrie Brooks

In addition to the Elected PCOs listed below Lynda appointed other PCO positions.

Elected PCOs:

Friday Harbor North – Heather Christensen
Friday Harbor South – Thomas C. Starr
San Juan South West – Minnie Knych
San Juan Central – Michelle Loftus
San Juan West – Maurice (Maury) Liebman
San Juan North – Sidney S. Smith
San Juan East – William Hancock
Eastsound – Richard Boucher
Lopez North – Lynda Lee Gerpheide

Appointed PCO’s :

Orcas Center – Nick Knoellinger
Orcas East – Cindy Carter
San Juan South East – Michael Jean Smith
Turn Point /Brown Island – Carrie Brooks
Blakely & Outer Islands – Dan Schwartz
Decatur & Outer Islands – Jim McBain
Lopez South – Monico MacKinnon