Alert! We need you to speak up!

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Subject: Alert – National Conservation Area/National Monument
Hello All,
At today’s County Council meeting, it was revealed through public comments that several Lopezians, including Jamie Stephens, went to DC to lobby Capitol Hill about designating the BLM lands a National Conservation Area.  Nevertheless, they were essentially told that Congress will not pass it. so their strategy now is to get the County Council to endorse a Presidential declaration (Executive Order) making it a National Monument.
Several people at the Council meeting spoke in favor of it.  They asked for a show of hands, and those in favor outnumbered those against by 2 to 1.  In other words, about 2/3 of the attendees today supported it, and only one-third opposed.
In short, the Council is hearing that people here want this.  DC is hearing that people want this.  If you don’t want it, you better start crowing about it.
~ Thanks, Ed K.

San Juan County Republican Convention March 24th 8:30 AM

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Calling all delegates to County Convention Saturday March 24th at the San Juan Island Grange 152 First Street in Friday Harbor. We will begin at 8:30 AM. Delegates to State Convention will be elected and platform will be discussed and adopted. Dan Matthews candidate for US Congress will speak and we will all enjoy lunch before departing.Contact Chair Michelle Loftus or your PCO if you have questions.

Contribute to Rob McKenna’s Campaign for Governor

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Team –

There are just hours left for you to make an immediate online contribution to support Team McKenna.  At midnight tonight, our campaign goes back into a fundraising freeze as the Legislature goes back into session.

Events of the last few days have made it clearer than ever that Rob’s opponents will do whatever they can to keep him from becoming our next Governor, including wasting taxpayer money to keep our campaign from raising money.

Just consider that Governor Christine Gregoire ordered a special session to start tomorrow – even though legislators have been told that there will be no hearings held until at least Wednesday, if even that soon.  So the taxpayers will be paying for a special session – and the legislators’ salaries – even though there is no work being done. Continued