Chairs’s Corner 2012

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2011 has been a productive year as San Juan County Republicans have organized working for our county and state. Common ground issues of property rights, taxes, government size and government costs are bringing independents and democrats to our table to find solutions. We are gaining in numbers and our election losses have been close.

Liberals are deeply rooted in their beliefs as are conservatives. If we hold strong to our conservative beliefs we can strengthen our economy, make our government more efficient and benefit our community. Public relations are needed to express this mission. Please get involved. Your humble chair has recently been elected to the Washington State Republican Party Executive Board. Continued

Vote No for Proposition 1!

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See the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Under all the surface niceties of the Land Bank lie financially crippling measures and new missions. Of course we want protected lands to appreciate and enjoy. Preservation Trust, Bureau of Land Management, State and National Parks have served this purpose. The Land Bank has helped this mission but at much cost to our county financially. Competitive real estate sales have gone to other counties and competitive land leases have been lost to county control. Removing tax parcels diminishes our tax base at a time when our county needs are great. Stop the unnecessary expansion of Land Bank. Let it maintain what it has now, sell the properties not intended for conservation, get out of competitive agriculture and help our county in this rough economy. Be ready, this issue will not go away if rejected this election. We will be asked again over the next elections to reevaluate this excise tax. Until the economy recovers we need to help our county’s financial needs. Vote NO to Proposition 1.

Some Helpful Voting Information

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Here is a very helpful page from the Freedom Foundation from which you can see a synopsis of the five initiatives on this year’s ballot. You may also download a more detailed version on the same page.
Here is the link: