This is the same @justguypalumbo who was censured by @washdems in April. He was censured by the party for not toeing the line, yet today he is praised by Inslee, Habib and Carlyle. That shows how radical and out of touch the party organization is.…?

“This study is a waste of state taxpayer dollars.” @cathymcmorris, @RepNewhouse

$750,000 of taxpayer money wasted so @GovInslee can continue to grandstand. #waelex #waleg

“The lack of transparency, the numerous new taxes and the dismantling of the state school equity plan puts the 2019 session on the bottom rung.” @TriCityHerald Editorial Board #waleg #waelex

The #Democrats reckless $52.4 BILLION budget takes more money from hardworking taxpayers, plain and simple.

Washingtonians deserve leaders that put them first, not the selfish agenda we’ve seen from @GovInslee and fellow #Democrats. #waleg #waelex

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Despite historical growth in tax collections and a $2.8B surplus, D’s chose to increase taxes by $5.4B over the next 4 years. These financial burdens will fall on individuals and families through higher property taxes, gas prices, energy costs, and more expensive services. #waleg

“…Democrats regained solid control of both the House and Senate and passed the state budget without Republican support…Democrats embraced higher taxes despite a robust economy that’s expected to generate an additional $4.5 billion in revenues over the next two years.” #waleg


From @nwNewsNetwork: Inslee signs $52.4 billion budget decried by Republicans #waleg

From @nwNewsNetwork: Inslee signs $52.4 billion budget decried by Republicans #waleg

This chart shows new state spending projections based on the Democrats’ 2019-21 operating budget, which was signed into law by Gov. Jay Inslee today. #waleg

Unfortunately, Gov. Inslee ignored bipartisan concerns with these two controversial tax bills (SB 5997 and HB 2167) and signed them into law today #waleg

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