REET abused by Land Bank

In 2011 continued funding for the Real Estate Excise Tax or REET (which is distributed to the Land Bank) passed by just 2.8%. The votes were 4,168 yes to 3,726 no. On San Juan Island it failed 1,565 no to 1,440 yes. Using that tax, the Land Bank has purchased over SIXTY million dollars worth of real property and millions more in easements. The Land Bank has had a 30 year run that’s removed over SIXTY million dollars of property off the tax roles. We think that’s enough

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Wa State Republican Candidate Zoom Statements.  

A Zoom Meeting was held and each Candidate was given time to speak.  The following Candidates were recorded.  

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Referendum 90: Stop the Sex Education Law

Let Kids Be Kids!

We only have until June 10 to gather the 129,811 signatures!



Under @GovInslee Washington:

➡️lost $53 million in federal funding for Western State Hospital
➡️wasted $2 million of taxpayer money for personal security on his failed presidential run
➡️had $650 million stolen by Nigerian scammers

Irresponsible. Incompetent.

Vote Republican.

How many times does a headline like this need to be written before people realize that Democrats are driving business out of Seattle and Washington State?

Reasonable, moderate voters – help us elect Republicans and get our state back on track.

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Senator Dean Takko says that he should be in office because he’ll have a seat at the table. He has been at the table for a while and he’s done zip for LD19 and tonight’s results so far show that.

Tomorrow is Election Day. If you live in the following districts these are our endorsed Republican Senate Candidates.
LD3 Dave Lucas
LD4 Michael Padden
LD9 Mark Schoesler
LD10 Ron Muzzall
LD12 Brad Hawkins
LD14 Curtis King
LD17 Lynda Wilson
LD18 Ann Rivers

Senate dems and liberals supporters made a political attack against a business group which used a black and white photo of an African American Democrat candidate and a color photo of the Republican candidate.

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Washingtonians continue to suffer as a result of the problems at the Employment Security Department. From @Mynorthwest: “…according to the ESD’s benefits data dashboard, nearly 25,000 unemployed people are still waiting for benefits.” Story: #waleg

From @Mynorthwest: @WADeptHealth announced that COVID-19 testing data will soon be reported on its dashboard using the total number of tests completed, changing from the current method, which reflects the number of unique individuals tested. Story: #waleg

From @seattletimes: The complaint centers on rules adopted by the state Board of Education and Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) which relaxed the number of “instructional hours” that schools must provide to students. Story: #waleg

With the #2020Census deadline moved up to the end of September, parts of our state are falling behind 2010 response rates. Help ensure all Washingtonians receive fair and accurate representation. #waleg

From @PSBJ: “The whistleblower, who isn’t identified in the letter because they chose to remain anonymous, named one senior ESD official as being responsible for the problems.” Story: #waleg

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