Newsletter from 4/21

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This posting originally went out via email and may not be formatted ideally for web viewing. Sorry! View this email in your browser Greetings Conservatives! COMMUNITY EVENT SPOTLIGHT: LIV FINNE IN SJC, MAY 10 Education Policy is something that I can’t pretend to know a great deal about. I don’t have kids, and it’s something that I don’t feel splits well along party lines. It is, however, something that matters a great deal, and I would like to learn more. A group of local civics education advocates got together and invited Liv Finne to come to the island. She said yes! This… Click Here to Read More

Lincoln Day Events Successful Countywide

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Republicans Cheered up by Successful Lincoln Day Events!   Over 70 attendees on Lopez, over 70 on SJI, and many on Orcas as well — this year’s event was a huge success! Lincoln was a republican who influenced our country in monumental ways. What would he think of today’s political climate? March 9&10 republicans gathered across the county to celebrate conservative republican values in great numbers. Events held on Lopez Island, Orcas Island and San Juan Island celebrated the conservative movement that is healing mistakes by a long reign of destructive liberal actions. Funds raised will support San Juan County… Click Here to Read More

Just 4 more days until our Lincoln Day Event!

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View this email in your browser Lincoln Day is just about here! To be totally frank, I have no idea how we managed to snag two guests so distinguished: WA State Senator Doug Ericksen, and David Dewhirst, Chief Litigator for the Freedom Foundation. Both this year and last we have been extremely fortunate. It is therefore no suprise that tickets are very nearly sold out. All of the details about the events are posted on our website here. More about our Speakers:  It is our distinct honor to welcome State Senator Doug Ericksen, the former liaison for the Trump campaign in Washington State, and a distinguished… Click Here to Read More

Chair Hutchison’s last day in office is today

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Email 2/5/2018. She will be very hard to replace.   Chairman Hutchison Passes the Gavel Friends, When I was elected Chairman almost five years ago, I was told it was a “thankless” job.  But ever since announcing I am stepping down,  you have overwhelmed me with your thanks! Now, please allow me to turn it around and thank YOU! To our VOTERS across the state, thank you for electing great Republicans into office! To our ELECTED OFFICIALS, thank you for working so hard to improve the lives of all citizens! To our DONORS, thank you for helping us raise $10 million to… Click Here to Read More

Caleb Heimlich: New WSRP Chairman

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Feb 2,2018 email from WSRP   Introducing Chairman Caleb Heimlich Fellow Republicans, As the new Chairman of the Washington State Republican Party, I want to introduce myself and say thank you for all that you have done to support the party and our great candidates over the years. As someone born and raised in Washington State, this is a proud day for me to step into leadership and work to do great things for our state. The State Republican Party is very healthy and in a great position for victories in 2018 thanks to your commitment and the leadership of our former Chairman,… Click Here to Read More