SJI strike, ferry drama continues, locals on harassment of Republicans and more

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GREETINGS CONSERVATIVES!   As residents of an island, I think we know better than many how vulnerable one can be when things go wrong. We express our sincerest condolences to those in harms way as Hurricane Harvey causes untold devastation and trauma. You are in our thoughts and prayers. The Houston Chronicle lists some ways you can help. Locals Respond to SJCRP Statement on Harassment of Republicans This week our press release regarding harassment Republicans received in the county fair was covered by all of Sound Publishing’s papers. It was posted online in the Journal, the Sounder, and the Islands weekly. Islands Guardian chose not… Click Here to Read More

Unfair Fair (can’t help it), Immigration Measure Pushback, and Local News Updates

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Greetings Conservatives!   Fair Debrief Fair results posted in the Sounder here. A statement by SJC Republican Party, passed as a resolution of the Central Committee, and signed by 12 conservatives myself included, was published in all three papers (here in the Sounder). We received more harassment at the county fair than in any year previous. It will be in the print versions this coming week. The paper also ran a short peice about the protestors at our booth, which was the most commented article I’ve ever seen. Thank you to Michelle Loftus for standing up on that thread. I was there working alone the night… Click Here to Read More

SJCRP on Unfair Harrassment at the County Fair

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    PRESS RELEASE: SENT TO THE JOURNAL, ISLANDS WEEKLY, SOUNDER, AND GUARDIAN. REGARDING HARRASSMENT AT SJC FAIR: WE ASK FOR A LOWERING OF TENSIONS IN OUR COUNTY, AND ASK FOR TOLERANCE OF ALL PEOPLE, INCUDING CONSERVATIVES. WE CONDEMN INTOLERANCE EVERYWHERE. By Nathan Butler Chair SJC Republican Party August 24, 2017 We call upon everyone everywhere to practice what our society so often preaches: tolerance and open mindedness. Everyone is tolerant of their friends. It is how you treat people with whom you disagree that defines tolerance and open mindedness. Last week our volunteers at the Republican fair booth were:… Click Here to Read More

Chair Hutchison on Charlottesville 8/15

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We received this on August 15th, from WSRP Chair Hutchison. –editor   Is this email not displaying correctly? View it in your browser. Dear Friends, The event in Charlottesville called “Unite the Right” was a White Supremacist and neo-Nazi protest march and had nothing to do with the Republican Party. Republicans will never “unite” with these extremists and their views. I am a co-sponsor of this RNC resolution which denounces these extremist organizations and also explains the historical record of Republicans against racism. Please read it here. It came to light yesterday, that one participant at the march was the President of College… Click Here to Read More

Silly Protestors Bring Attention to the Awesome Republican Fair Booth

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Silly Protestors Bring Attention to the Awesome Republican Fair Booth. What a hoot!The fair provided a great way for us to connect with other conservatives in our county. We also met conservatives from Canada, Virginia and the Midwest US. Our booth provided a Make America Great Theme as we  provided patriotic conversation and take home items.Much attention was given to the cotton candy Trump Hair that we passed out to kids and adults. I estimate over 100 pocket US Constitutions are now in the hands of young and old who came to our booth. As we delivered our message of… Click Here to Read More