There are clear differences in skill and experience in candidates running for office in our community. This is the time to research and ask questions of candidates. You also have a few more days to get letters published online for your favorite candidate. Local elections should not be tied to a political party but here we find the Democrat majority has steered us into some real messes. You can make a difference by electing the skilled and experienced into office. However if you see an organization in trouble, a change of leadership is probably needed. I urge you to talk to your democrat friends and ask why they are voting for the local democrat choice. It has lead us to giving away $50,000 of our money to Planned Parenthood while our Life Care Convalescent Center has been ignored and is closing.The dems have led us into costly suits and payoffs to their friends.Our community needs better leadership in many areas. Pray, research and vote.

Michelle Loftus PCO