SJCPHD Workshop today 2:00 at EMS BLDG-again. We had a good presence last mtg so let’s do it again!Scroll Down for Update!!!

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At the last workshop we heard the brainwashing propaganda of Planned Parenthood aligning itself for the SJCPHD $50,000 subsidy. Their talking points are easy to see through. It hard to listen to director making 6 figures ask for our communities’ $50,000 while PP revenue is in the billions.

Today we will hear from Cynthia Stark the director of the Prevention Coalition who will voice the need for financial support to help drug abuse treatment programs in our hospital district.

We will also hear from EMS Chief Gerry Martin about the Paramedicine Program also needing funds. They coordinate many medical support needs in our community. This group would use our tax dollars inside the district for life saving services.

Below is the announcement from the website:

Special Meeting of Board of Commissioners (work session with no public comment period) scheduled for May 17, 2017, 2:00 p.m. at Frank Wilson Memorial EMS Building.  Topics being discussed include Community Para-medicine and San Juan Island Prevention Coalition for possible disbursement of tax subsidy monies returned to the district by PeaceHealth.  Full Agenda will not be finalized until Tuesday by 2:00 p.m, on this site. It will also be sent to the papers, posted at the EMS Building, and SJCPHD#1.  Notice of this Special Meeting has been released to local papers, posted at the EMS Building, and SJCPHD#1 Office.

Thank you,Michelle Loftus

Update!Great Job!

Yesterday’s meeting was well attended by our supporters. Friendlies outnumbered others 7 to 6.The Prevention Coalition and the Paramedicine Committee presented reasons the community would be well served if the Subsidy money supported their efforts.*Rumor is that at least two of the three PP supporting Commissioners are considering these proposals very seriously.

Now what? This is the time the SJCPHD commissioners and news need to hear from us again.

Please write all suggesting the SJCPHD Subsidy money should be used for the programs presented by Prevention Coalition and the Paramedicine Committee.

Talking Points:

Prevention Coalition programs to fight the drug culture in our community are essential to a healthy community.

Prevention Coalition’s Healthy Family Programs will result in better relationships and support systems in our community.

The Paramedicine Committee Programs will bring healthy and cost efficient medical services to our islanders.(What are Paramedicine Programs? It is a system of training and using medical personnel for prevention programs and home visit services. These programs are popping up around the country as a way to reduce emergency room visits as well as improve access to healthcare. They may also include hospice in some models.)

Both of these programs fit our demographics and the needs expressed by the community healthcare studies.


Please act today or tomorrow or as soon as possible.


Thank you,Michelle Loftus 360-378-4738