The Democrat leadership is having an awful week-pay attention

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From Lloyd Marcus, The Conservative Campaign Committee

New poll numbers out from the Gallup polling organization show that Barack Obama’s job approval ratings are plunging.  At the time Obama was sworn into office for his second term, more people approved of Obama’s job performance than disapproved by 17%.  There has been a dramatic reversal and as of this week more Americans now hold an unfavorable view of Obama.

Friends, the truth about the Benghazi terrorist attack – and the Obama administration’s lies and cover up – is finally starting to leak out, bit-by-bit and it is having a profound effect on Obama’s poll numbers.

But we have so much more to do to get the truth out.  We are pleased to announce today that Washington, D.C. will mark the first media market where we will be beginning our new TV ad campaign exposing Obama’s lies and cover ups.   We picked Washington, D.C. as our first market to air these ads to keep this issue before the media and the politicians.  Obama wants to sweep this under the rug, but with your support we aren’t going to allow that to happen.

Right now we need your help in order to raise the money to air our TV ad campaign that tells the American people the truth about Benghazi, and the cover up, that the Obama administration has been trying to hide.

For months the Obama administration, with significant backing from the liberal media, have attempted to hide the truth about what happened.  To cover their failures in combating terrorism, they told lies saying it was not a preplanned terrorist attack, even when they knew that to be an absolute falsehood.

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and countless members of the Obama administration have lied, concealed and attempted to cover up not only the truth but their failures.  As has been his pattern of appeasement in the face of Islamic terrorism, Obama himself would not even call this an act of terrorism.

Obama’s Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, said it didn’t matter whether Benghazi was a terrorist attack or whether she and the Obama administration had lied about it.

The Obama administration has dishonored those who lost their lives on that fateful night of September 11, 2012 and now they say it doesn’t matter because it happened “a long time ago.”

It’s time to hold the Obama administration accountable for their misdeeds.

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