Barry Cave on Rick Larsen’s Friday Harbor Visit 3/26/2017

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Editors Note: Barry Cave is among the friendliest people you will ever meet; cheerful, and colorful. Barry is one of those people who would cheerfully give the shirt off his back to anybody in need no matter their creed. We all know liberals with no sense of humor determined to believe the worst about anything that is said, so I want to point out that the “gun” is not aimed at anyone. I don’t want to see any paranoid letters to the editor in the paper over this. 

Representative Rick Larsen recently visited Friday Harbor on 3/26/2017, in this guest article Barry Cave gives us his personal impressions with lively prose — and poetry! 


“Woke up this morning with liberty at hand
Obama’s trying to take it away, but Trump’s got a plan.
Put people back to work, stop the violence in our land.
Grow a set of great big ones, It’s with Israel we stand.
Quit giving away all our God givin rights, yes that’s a gun in my hand.
Bring back national pride, now wouldn’t that be really grand.
Thank You Donald Trump, It’s with you that we all stand.”
-Barry Cave, 3/2017


American Healthcare : Legalized Extortion and Monopoly


I recently attended Rick Larsen’s town hall meeting at brickworks in Friday Harbor.  Walking in the door the first thing noticed were the stack of Resist Stickers and a pamphlet on how to protest, right next to the sigh in sheet. The funny thing is, I was under the impression that I was coming to a meeting about improving healthcare, NOT a Soros sponsored activist meeting. OOPS.

I have never seen so many scowling faces in one place before, smiles in this crowd were almost non-existent. I was looking at a whole herd of sheep waiting for more advice from their wolf leader. The whole group was waiting to hear about what the next free stuff will be.

Rick started his narrative by gloating about their recent victory in battle; Obamacare lite not passing. He moves in to mock and belittle President Donald Trump, stating “the basics of governing are lost on this President”

There were many instances where he pushed the narrative of the Russians hacking the election. I sat intently listening, hoping I would learn something or at least hear something true. Maybe I can understand how all these people rationalize this disaster that’s called Obamacare, but no; the more I hear the more it feels like I just entered a communist party meeting.

There was a Question and Answer session where most people were expressing concerns about losing over one overregulated issue or another, basically begging for more federal handouts on programs which cost taxpayers lots of money but brings in no revenue.

I raised the issue that we should control the cost of drugs, doctors pay, and insurance premiums before we all decide How to pay for all this. “The monopoly that Obamacare is and the cost of healthcare is nothing but legalized extortion,” I said. The crowd clapped and for the most part it appeared that even underneath all the indoctrination that these followers go through they still have a glimmer of common sense.

There was no glimmer of bipartisanship here, rather this was the Party of NO: If a conservative has a plan, “Just say NO.” All they care about is disruption and resistance to any narrative that is not their own.

They are impeding our efforts through deep rooted plants in government left there by our past administrations and mostly Obama himself. Through the deep state leaks and the shadow government we have been left with; we have been reduced to being ruled by leftist progressive liberal judges. These are the exact people that we need to drain from this swamp.

The Swamp is not draining fast enough for me yet!!


Sincerely and most completely,
American Patriot Barry Cave