Lopez Conservatives Concerned about New Hospital District

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Recently a measure to establish a new hospital district on Lopez was put on the ballot for the April Special Election on Lopez:

From the ballot: “The San Juan County Council adopted Resolution No. 9-2017 regarding the formation of a Public Hospital District. If approved, Public Hospital District No. 2 would be established with a boundary of all land within precincts of Lopez North and Lopez South with the purpose of operating health care facilities and providing hospital services and other health care services.

This ballot is due April 25th at 8 pm. Lopez ballot drop box is open. Ballots went out on the 4th.

For full details click here. This link will take you to the voter’s guide online, including a “for” and an “against” position. The Republican Party does not have an official position on this. However, we did what we could to help concerned fiscal conservatives to be aware of each other so that they could craft a statement. In the end, Dan Post wanted to be the only name on the measure to protect other members from retaliation. 

(Important: Once you click the link it will open the WA State website that hosts the ballot measure. You then must click on “Proposition Number One” to open it. THEN, you must click the “+” for both the explanatory statement and the arguments for/against. Yes, it’s not intuitive. Yes, it’s a pain. But it’s the State of Washington…) 


Local conservative Linda Noreen adds:

“I agree with Dan’s reasons to not vote for this proposition. And I agree with the Argument For when it says “. . . We need our clinic.” However, I want to save the clinic — just the clinic with tax dollars.

At a pro-meeting, chair Christa Campbell indicated that the elected board of Public Hospital District 2 could also give tax dollars to “Lopez Fit, the Pharmacy, and the Family Resource Center”. Yes, they, and many more Lopez medical-related businesses and non-profits, are good causes that should be saved by shopping and/or privately donating there. Carefully read the proposition words that I underlined.

Vote no this time — rewrite the proposition to restrict the spending to just the clinic. Higher property taxes and affordable housing do not go together.” 
— Linda Noreen