Orcas 2017 Lincoln Day Dinner Great Success!!

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Orcas Republicans and Conservatives enjoyed a great turnout and speeches given by County Chairman Nathan Butler and Guest Speaker Herb Meyer at the 2017 Lincoln Day Dinner.

Cindy Carter put together a tasty chili dog lunch with the help of many hands. Her double chocolate desserts were very popular.

Rick Boucher MC’d the event and Janis Ghazel blessed us with a fabulous rendition of the “Star Spangled Banner” and later with a stirring “God Bless the USA.”

The highlight if the luncheon was Herb Meyer. Herb’s talk on “The Second Civil War” oriented on the “change” progressives want to work on our society. He spoke to the fact that this nation was uniquely created by God though the Founders to be a Republic in which the common man is in charge of his destiny and tells the government what to do.

Over the last 40 to 60 years progressives have attempted to flipp the order of things.  The so called elite “know” what is best for the common man and thus tell him what to do. The government tells the citizen to sit down, shut up and do what I say. (Pardon my putting words in Herb’s mouth. His points and arguments tend to stir the blood a bit.)

We had a good time of Q and A after the talk.  Fabulous fun for everyone!

There should be an article about the event in the media when the reporter gets things written up.  I will link to that article at that time.

I have the benefit of listening once again this next weekend at Lopez on Friday and then in Friday Harbor on Saturday. See you there!

Rick Boucher