County Parties DO Not Endorse Miller

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A July 22nd press release states that the three county Republican Parties, San Juan County Republican Party, Skagit County Republican Party and Whatcom County Republican Party involved in the 40th Legislative District of Washington State do not endorse Daniel Miller for the position of Senator.  They have, in fact ,never endorsed Daniel Miller for any elective position.

Alternatively, you are encouraged to Write In: Michael Petrish

The Press Release:

Dated: July 22nd, 2019

The San Juan County Republican Party, the Skagit County Republican Party, and the Whatcom County Republican Party  have never endorsed current LD 40 Senate Candidate Daniel Miller for any public office. Daniel Miller has been thoroughly vetted; he does not meet the criteria of the Republican Party.



Lynda Gerpheide, San Juan County Republican Party Chair

Bill Burch, Skagit County Republican Party Chair

Kathy Kershner, Whatcom County Republican Party Chair

Central Committee Meeting in Friday Harbor – Feb 23

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After delays due to weather and logistics the San Juan County Republic Party Central Committee met on Feb 23, 2019 in Friday Harbor. The scene at the China Pearl was active with discussion and getting to know each other. Being spread among islands the PCOs and other officers of the Executive Committee do not get the “FaceTime” to build rapport but meetings like these help us get up to speed.

Here is your Central Committee:

During the meeting we established By-Laws, received a report from the State from State Committeewoman Cindy Carter,  learned about how to handle Exempt and Non-Exempt  and the importance of Public Disclosure law from our Treasure Kelley Unger. Rick Boucher talked about communications and the website.  We received an update on Herb Meyer’s status form Daniel Schwartz and Minnie Kynch.

We scheduled a planing meeting for March 16th and discussed our Lincoln Day Dinner (LDD) plans.

If you have any questions about the meeting please ask.

If you are member of the Central Committee and were unable to attend we will get you a copy of the minutes when they are available.

Trump in 2020! 

Rick boucher, webmaster.

Herb Meyer – The Seige of Western Civilization

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Herb Meyer served during the Reagan Administration as Special Assistant to the Director of Central Intelligence and Vice Chairman of the CIA’s National Intelligence Council. In these positions, he managed production of the US National Intelligence Estimates and other top-secret projections for the President and his national security advisers. Mr. Meyer is widely credited with being the first senior US Government official to forecast the collapse of the Soviet Union — a forecast for which he later was awarded the US National Intelligence Distinguished Service Medal, which is the Intelligence Community’s highest honor.

Mr. Meyer is host and producer of The Siege of Western Civilization, a DVD outlining the threats to our security, our economy, and our culture that became an international best-seller. Formerly an associate editor of FORTUNE, he has authored several books including Real-World Intelligence and Hard Thinking. His essays on intelligence and politics have been published in The Wall Street Journal, National Review Online, Policy Review and The American Thinker. He has been a guest on leading television and radio talk shows.

In recent years,  Mr. Meyer has been a popular speaker on the lecture circuit. He delivers his overview of global trends and developments, entitled What in the World is Going On: A Global Intelligence Briefing to corporations, business associations, student organizations and public affairs groups throughout the world.

Site Editor Note: Herb Myer, who resides on San Juan Island, was the main speaker during the 2017 Lincoln Day Dinners for the San Juan County Republican Party.  Herb is a wonderfully engaging speaker with a profound knowledge and insight into the inner workings of our Demorcatic Republic. 

This Fall Herb was found unconscious off his bike on one of the country roads of San Juan Island. Herb, and his wife Jill, need all our prayers as they continue to deal with this medical issue.