Dec 1st: It’s time to Elect New Leadership

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It’s Been a Ride…


Well, the election is over. If you haven’t seen the results yet, results for the COUNTY are available here on the county elections page, for the whole state here on the Sec of State web-page. Winning (or losing) an election in the county doesn’t mean the candidate actually won (or lost), so the Secretary of State is the place to go.

Turnout was about 10% higher than 4 years ago at the same time (i.e. in the middle of the last presidential term). Republicans did very well for a midterm party that controls the presidency. But there’s no doubt we felt some pain.


Now It’s time to Elect New Leadership.


Every two years San Juan County Republican Party (SJCRP) elects new leadership to a two year term. Precinct Committee Officers elected by the public in the fall of the preceding year (in this case Fall 2018) have the right to vote.

DATE: Dec 1, 2018

LOCATION: China Pearl, Friday Harbor (upstairs)

TIME: 11:30 a.m.

WHO: Elected PCOs may vote, but all may attend. The new chairman can appoint PCOs to fill vacant slots thus filling out SJCRP’s leadership.

ANYONE may be elected to a leadership role, whether a PCO or not. If you are interested, show up!

Counties all across the state, Republicans and Democrats, are doing the same thing over the next two months.


Elected PCOs for SJC Republican Party:


101 Friday Harbor North:  Heather Christensen
102 Fridary Harbor South:  Tom Starr
12 San Juan South West:  Minnie Knych
13 San Juan Central: Michelle Loftus
14 San Juan West:  Maury Liebman
15 San Juan North:  Sidney Smith
16 San Juan East: William Hancock
24 Eastsound:  Rick Bouche
31 Lopez North:  Lynda Gerpheide

These people have the right to vote for officers, having been elected as delegates by their precincts. If you have an opinion to pass along to your PCO, contact them here.

Not all precincts have a PCO. Vacant slots can be filled by the new Chairman, to be elected on Dec 1st.