Who Will Take the Torch?

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Back in the 90’s I wrote an editorial for the Republican newsletter with the title, “Who Will Take the Torch?”  Although that article is long ago lost, I recall the first sentence was another question:  “When the forty-somethings of today retire, who will take up the torch and continue fighting the good fight to protect our freedoms?”

At that time, I was one of those forty-somethings.  The WWII generation was starting to retire from activist politics and while staying involved in less active ways, they had entrusted the Baby Boomers with the day to day tasks of keeping the faith in our American system of government.

Today the politically correct term for my generations is “senior citizens”.  At the December Republican Party meeting I looked around the room and other than our chair, Nathanael, the rest of us were showing evidence of time passing.  Average age in the room including Nathan’s 30+ years was probably sixty-something.  The reality is my generation is getting too old to keep doing this.

So several decades later, I am asking again “Who will take up the torch with the seventy-somethings retire?”  If you are a Generation X, Generation Y or Generation Z please hear my plea… GET OFF YOUR COUCH AND GET INVOLVED.  We need your new ideas and energy.

If you are under fifty something or younger, I beg you… Make a new year’s resolution to become informed about what is going on in our nation, state and county.  If you are old enough to have kids or grand kids get them involved so they can learn now and be ready when you want to retire from being active.

We are facing some challenging times.  Conservatives are the minority in San Juan county.  Our task is to fill the role of opposition party without becoming a strident and shrill opponent.  We must not fall into the convenient trap of personal attacks, but we must make our positions clear and educate  voters.

The misinformation that socialism is a good thing has crept into our schools and our government institutions at every level.  It was blatant in the politics of the last Presidential election when Bernie Sanders, an avowed Socialist, promised to spend other people’s money to take care of people from cradle to grave.  He or someone of his same persuasion will be back in the next election.

At the county level, those of us who believe in free speech, property rights and other foundations of our liberty such as respect for the flag are sadly outnumbered.  What are you going to do about it?

Here’s a suggestion:  Come to the San Juan County Republican Meeting on Jan. 12 at the China Pearl in Friday Harbor.  The meeting begins at 11:30.  Lunch is available.  We will be electing new officers and the new chair will be looking for volunteers to help.    Volunteer for just one thing and make a difference!

Minnie Knych