Media Links for 3/20/2017

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I have tried to collect a number of links to local media outlets, found here on our website. There are a shocking number of them, and they vary widely in quality. Corrections and comments welcome (did I miss any?)

There are a number of upcoming county meetingsclick here. Sample: SJC Council (Mar 20, 21) Solid Waste Advisory committee (Mar 23), Building Advisory council mtg (Mar 23), Veterans Advisory board meeting (Mar 31), etc.

Seattle flounders in dealing with its housing crisis with a number of measures that only discourage investment in housing: here and here. (Seattle Times). Locally in SJC we are struggling with this issue, and liberals have proposed vacation rental permit changes.

Tuesday, March 29th Bill Watson is holding a public hearing, including a “comprehensive plan update.” Journal reports.

Jill Meyer wrote a thoughtful letter to the editor, here. She has received some pushback. Those who share her concerns should consider speaking up. I do not mean to target Ms. O’Clair for questioning one of us in a somewhat unkind manner, I only mean to highlight a public issue that is of importance to many who will receive this email. The papers will publish those of us who dare to speak out, but it’s important that we support them. Try to keep it civil (as Meyer did), even if they prove uncivil; target ideas not people — even if they don’t do the same.

Border patrol responds to “sanctuary city” issue in SJC. Sounder reports. The Island Guardian also addressed this issue recently in more detail.

Bill O’Reilly on Governor Jay Inslee: (WA State RP)

Grassroots advocacy actually works. Direct constituent advocacy works, reports the Hill. A full study here by the Congressional Management Foundation. I can tell you from personal experience that when people email me, I actually listen. And I don’t get a lot of emails (though keep in mind that it’s often the case that someone else emailed me something that sharply disagrees… so be patient). Local newspapers often receive only a handful of letters, if that.

My personal favorite: environmentalists groups are silent as raw sewage drains into the Puget Sound. The Seattle Times wrote a scathing article here. The Times has run a number of articles about the failure of the treatment plant referenced, but this was by far the most scathing.

Republican WA State Treasurer Duane Davidson received a major award for his office’s financial reporting. (WA Wire)

Tucker had a particularly searing reply to the “Russians made Trump president” conspiracy theory. Fox News reports.