Media Links for 3/5-3/11

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In my email to the Republican Party last week I listed a number of news articles of interest. Many of them I received from others, some I curated myself. I am reposting them here for convenience: 

Opponents are needed for a Lopez Hospital District ballot measure. I know nothing about this subject. If there are conservatives who have concerns let me know, and I will try to put you in touch with each other. Of course, you do NOT need my permission to write something. 

On Lopez, the Land bank is making a purchase. Islands’ Weekly reports

Over the last few weeks I have been telling conservatives that we need to get on the many county boards that have seats available. At least a few of you have taken this up. I noticed this week that the Journal ran an article noting the many empty seats on county councils. This includes all the islands. 

There have been a number of letters to the editor published in the Journal of the San Juans regarding the SJ Public Hospital district’s planned transfer of funds to Planned Parenthood, here and here. I don’t have a problem with either persons stating how they feel and have no intent to target either of them. I was disappointed that there were no published conservative voices. It is possible that they simply declined to publish them, but I know from having talked with them that they don’t receive many letters. For those of you who care, it’s worth considering writing something. The Island Guardian did publish one peice on the subject with a different perspective. 

Monday March 13 the League of Women Voters is holding an affordable housing forum in Friday Harbor. The Journal reports. I’d like to see conservatives show up for this. It’s important to air our concerns. Island Guardian and the Sounder also report. 

The soroptomists are having a major gala this Saturday In Friday Harbor. Island Guardian reports. 

An Orcas woman filed a civil rights complaint against “a deputy,” who turns out to have been Sheriff Ron Krebs. The Sounder reports. I generally like Sheriff Krebs and it’s hard to see that there is any merit in this case, but it is worth mentioning. It’s patterns to look for, outlier complaints can usually be discredited.

I have been worried about the economic warfare being waged by the left for some time now. Many articles have been published on this, the most recent one details the organized campaign “Grab Your Wallet” that targets conservative leaders. The (somewhat sympathetic) Seattle Times reports.


MEMRI ran an interesting article discussing how Saudis feel about a President Trump presidency. It shows how fault lines run in the Middle East, for many Americans they are lumped together as though they were just one place. 

The American Thinker published a peice discussing President Obama’s controversial pardon of Oscar Lopez-Rivera. 

WA State legislators take action regarding smartphone use while driving (yes, it really is as risky as driving drunk); Seattle Times reports.

What is it with far left liberals? Elizabeth Warren pretends she’s part American Indian. Former NAACP leader out of Spokane pretended she was black for years, got caught, and now she is changing her name to an African name. For the record, she’s Caucasian. Seattle Times reports.